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Co-Sleeper X-posted

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We have an Arm's Reach Mini Co-Sleeper that we used with our last child. It's been sitting in storage for over a year. There is a possibility it has been exposed to mold. I don't see mold/mildew on it, but that doesn't mean it's not there. I just think it mat have been because it's been stored with other items that I know have been. It NEEDS cleaned, but the darn fabric on this blasted thing does not come off! Baby isn't due for another 5 weeks, but I still need to get it cleaned and set-up before hand. How the heck do I clean this thing? I really liked using it with DD, and was looking forward to using it with this baby, but if I can't get it cleaned we are so screwed. I don't have the money to replace it!

I'm trying not to panic!
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My husband used to be into spraying everything with lysol to avoid mold (he's really allergic). You could do that (or something like diluted tea tree oil, or maybe vinegar, if you want more natural). Then let it air out really good in the sun for a while (like a few days if possible, and making sure it is exposed from multiple angles). Then vaccuum it.
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Are you sure it doesn't come off? We have the full size one and the cover comes off of that one.

If it really doesn't maybe an upholstery cleaner? Like a Bissel little green?
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I like the idea of spraying it with vinegar and tea tree oil. Maybe I'll use that with an upholstery cleaner too! I'll vaccum it before and after though since there is cat fur on it. When it sat in storage it was in its bag zipped up, so it's not in terrible shape. It just freaks me out that I can't wash it and I want it to be clean for our new baby!

I double checked and we can't take the fabric off. You can with the full size sleeper, but not with the mini. I wonder what the logic was behind that?
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I recently read that the "recipe" for using tea tree to kill mold is 1 tablespoon tea tree per 1 cup of water. You can also use full strength white vinegar, but I think tea tree is supposed to be slightly more effective.
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Spraying water and vinegar on it before you vaccum will help get the cat hair off.
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Thanks for the tip! I'm starting on it today, but I'll have to take it to my grandparents next weekend for it to air out in the sunshine.
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we had the same problem, except ours was definitely exposed to mold from our basement flooding earlier this year. I ended up trading it in a babies r' us for 25% off on a carseat...not exactly a great trade, but at least I got something for it.

If you're not sure (ours had mold on the inner foam--it was too far gone), I would do a lot of sunning and spray with tea tree!
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Ew... that really stinks about the mold. We did thorough check, and we didn't see anything. Our basement flooding is why I was worried about mold! I'm still using tea tree oil on it and leaving it out in the sun. I'm not taking chances! And it will just feel safer and CLEANER too.
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