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Soooo .... do we have to DO something to get our own ddc? Just curious.
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Originally Posted by oneluvmama View Post
I am just about 4 weeks too. I am due May 31st/June 1st. My first DD was born on her due date and my second was about a week late. I will move to June unless I have reason to think I am further along.

The only symptoms I have at this point are tiredness and frequent urination. In fact, I have no idea what prompted me to take a test. I was only a day late and we were not trying to conceive. A little voice in me knew I guess.

I had severe all day sickness from about 5 weeks until 20 weeks with both of my other pregnancies. I am holding my breath for next week wondering when it will hit me. Maybe this one will be different tho! (Fat chance, I know)

So excited to know you girls and share this journey with you!

~ Jen

ETA I forgot to mention the cramping I have been having. Never had it before during the early weeks and it's freaking me out! Glad to hear some other mamas are experiencing it too!
My first one was born on his due date and my second one was born a week late too! We are close for due dates too, I think I lam due May30.
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I'm due May 24th but there's no way I'll give birth before June so I'm a DDC rider.
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I am due 5/30 but there is a good chance I'll switch over to the June DDC!
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Originally Posted by heathenmom View Post
Soooo .... do we have to DO something to get our own ddc? Just curious.
This is what I'm beginning to wonder...
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Hey guys!! Can I join you? I was surprised to not see a June DDC yet as well. I O'd on CD19 so I figured there would be quite a bit of earlier o'ers to start a DDC. My due date is June 2.

So far I'm feeling some twingy cramps but not much today. Although I have been in a golf tournament since Thurs and being pretty active. Today I've been taking it easy. So I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not. Also, been thirsty, peeing more, restless sleep, broke out today, and I think the tiredness hit today also. Ive been doing chores in between napping.

You guys are hoping for no ms...and I'm hoping to be barfing my guts up. I had s mc in March at 12 wks. So i am hoping for any symptoms different than the first pg. :-)
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Count me in! I also think I'm around June 2... although I'm thinking of using my unused test to just make sure. I had a weird feeling I was (PMS-esque lower back ache for a week, bloating, running a little hot) I still can't really believe it since I still feel relatively normal. This is my first so it's all so strange to me!
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I'll be in here too! The online due date calculators give me a late May due date but I had a long cycle and ovulated late so I'll really be an early June! Man my boobs hurt!

I'm not sure how I feel about a June baby because my older daughter will be fresh out of school for the summer so I'll have to entertain her and deal with the newborn. I'd rather her be in school all day so that I can just nap and nurse with the baby... but... oh well! Plus, we spend the summers at the beach and I'm worried that it'll be too hot for a tiny little baby that's only a few months old and I know I wont feel like being seen in a bathing suit!
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Sign me up! Just saw a faint line this morning. (okay, I thought I saw one yesterday, but my husband didn't believe me and it really was practically invisble).

I'm guessing the June DDC will probably show up officially on Oct 1st.
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I'm 2/3 through a 2ww, and simultaneously hoping for and hoping against a positive test in a few days. This is the first month we've not avoided, and next month we may actually try

I'm worried a little right now, because I've been acting as if I'm pregnant in terms of what I consume, but the Giardia I contracted last month is recurring and I want to treat it. The main drug for it is completely contraindicated in the first trimester, so I've been following the advice on the internet and consuming lots of raw garlic on an empty stomach.

So a positive would be very welcome this month, but a negative would be more convenient for treating this and for the timing next year.
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I honestly don't know if we''ll be in May or june. My EDD is 5/31 and DD was a whopping 2 days early. I'm just glad it's not September again.

As for symptoms, I was shocked this time to have nausea as my first and most persistent symptom. Not severe, just really annoying. That's actually what prompted me to test. Which is funny because I had very little last time and none till 7 weeks or so. And the bore boobs I remember are largely absent. Funny. And I'm tired. And now bloated. I was ravenous for 4 days and now it's all caught up and I don't have much appetite.

It is so nice to comiserate with the rest of you!
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Feeling optimistic on MS!

Hi again ladies!

I am starting to feel very (cautiously) optimistic about my morning sickness this time around. Wanted to share what I've been doing in case it helps some of you out.

With my DD (born 6/09), I had morning sickness before a positive preg test. It's eerie, actually- with both pregnancies, I took the test on the day after my expected period, got a negative result, and then started feeling sick the next day, only to get a positive result four days later. So my MS comes really early, and with my daughter I had it until 21 weeks. I was miserable but it was the only real "problem" with my pregnancy, so I was resigned to grin and bear it this time.

But when I went in to my midwife/ND's office to get the blood test to confirm the pregnancy last week, she put me on a MS-fighting routine that seems to be really working. I take 1,000 mg of ginger, two B6 tabs and a Unisom at bedtime and a half tab in the morning (I'm also taking my prenatal pill and 2,000-4,000 IUs of D every day). I tried the ginger and the B6 last time around (as well as Seabands, Saltines, etc. etc. etc.) but nothing really seemed to help me. I'm feeling great right now!

I am still nauseated but it's a really bearable low hum, and I'm actually able to eat this time, which I couldn't last time until my third trimester.

I do have pretty bad heartburn already (Ugggh!) but I'm having luck with the papaya enzymes for that one.

Can't believe I'm five weeks along now....Hope all you ladies are feeling great!

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Hi all! I'm in June too! I'm about 12 days post ovulation and I got a faint positive yesterday and a slightly darker one today I think that puts my due date around June 8th. DD was a week early so we'll see...
I've been peeing tons and had some really bad muscle aches. Nothing else so far, but it's early days yet
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Hi mamas Had my first midwife appt today, this time with a diff midwife than last time...but I really liked her a lot! Praying for a second home birth. I have my first 'official' appointment in a few weeks since this was just the consultation. We seemed to have connected and I'm very excited.

I took another test today just for laughs (and reassurance). The test line was darker than the control line so I'm happy, all is well
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I am cautiously in for 6/5/11
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I'm SO lurking because even if I get pg this cycle, it will NOT be a June baby even if my due date is in June. My first was due on the 22nd of April and born on the 4th of May. My third was due on the 21st of December and born January 9th!!! So, if I ever have another baby, unless I am due the first week of a month, I will be straddling DDCs!
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Whew! So, I think I got my spicy food craving filled today! I had spicy jalapeno/cilantro hummus for lunch (not a good pre-workout meal by the way) and insanely spicy smoked chipolte chili for dinner tonight. Whew!

Now, I'm craving this olive cheese bread http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2...ive_cheese_br/ Mmmmmmm. Too bad it's so darn fattening!!! I could probably eat it everyday for the next 9 months!
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Me, me, me!

June 9. My birthday's June 17, so that's... nice, I guess. I'm just thrilled that we got pregnant the first month trying. I only got the BFP today, but I was pretty sure - I couldn't sleep last night! 12DPO.
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Count me in too!

Yippee!! I'm pg and due June 4th. Took some ic tests on Saturday and got some very faint lines... DH didn't even see them. Sunday he saw one faint line. Tonight I bought a First Response digital test -- so happy to see the YES show up! We've been trying for 13 months this time (with m/c last Oct at 11.5 weeks). So happy with a June due date and a little brother or sister for DS who will be 4 next July
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Dipping my toe cautiously into June lurkers. After 3 early losses, I am quietly hopeful. This is my fourth pregnancy this year. I'm 39, so I believe my 3 chemicals were probably due to ageing follicles. I've been taking royal jelly for about 4 cycles now, maybe 5? and I'm so hoping it has improved my egg quality and this is a good one from the get-go! I'm also on my second cycle of Chinese herbs and have been taking maca since February.

I took an Answer test around 7pm on the evening of 9dpo, and there was the faintest of faint lines. I could barely see it without holding it up to sunlight or bright light. I wouldn't have thought anything of it if I didn't know so well the absolute stark whiteness of all my past bfn Answer tests. So I tested again this morning at 11dpo and the line is still faint-ish, but pink and unmistakable.

I've been having some hints of nausea and food aversions/cravings. That's early for me. I usually don't get m/s until more like 6 weeks, so I'm really, really hoping that's a good sign!

My due date is June 9, which is just 4 days after my 40th birthday. A sweet baby would be the best bday present ever!

Sticky vibes to all of us!!!
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