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Anyone else NOT ready?

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I am 37 weeks now, and pretty content to have baby stay put awhile, yet. I actually still need to order my homebirth supplies. I did get the baby clothes and diapers out, but then had to stash the totes back in the garage because we had a showing of the house, so they still aren't actually washed or put away. Actually... we still need to pick up the dresser we'll be using from my mom's house. Plus, I still haven't gotten rid of this awful thrush.

I am just not ready for baby physically, emotionally, or mentally, yet. I have my Blessingway tomorrow, so I'm hoping that will get me more mentally ready, and a good incentive for getting things together this weekend.... well, Sunday, anyways since we are pretty booked all day Saturday with the boys' soccer games and a wedding.

Anyone else?
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I'm not ready. But I'm only 35 weeks. Mine needs more baking, thank goodness.

I just ordered the birth kit and it hasn't come in the mail yet.
The baby's room still has some junk in it that DW hasn't removed.
I still have a couple of craft/art projects to do for her room.
We haven't put together the pack n' play or carseat yet.
I haven't washed (and washed and washed and washed) the diapers yet.
I've organized and put away all the clothes but still need to wash some of them.
We're buying, building and painting the bookshelf this weekend and will put all the books and toys on it.
My Blessingway isn't until 10/10/10.
My birthtub will be delivered on 10/8/10.

So, yeah I'm there with ya. Stressed. I want it all done now. But I still have a little more time than you. I think I'm emotionally prepared to meet our baby, but it's still nice having her tucked safe away inside me.

I hope your Blessingway is wonderful and just what you need right now.
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I'm 35 weeks too, and I still need lots of time to get my head together!!

This weekend we are setting up all the baby stuff and getting our room ready for the birth (we need to move some furniture around to make things more accessible for the midwives). I can't wait to get the practical stuff out of the way so that I can start preparing mentally- which will be much more difficult!
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Not at all ready here. Emotionally I feel like I am finally okay with going through birth and having a newborn but logistically, things are a total nightmare right now. My sister and I are both due at the same time and I just found out our backup babysitter (we're both having hospital births) is leaving town when my sister is 39 weeks and I am 38 weeks. I'm trying not to get bitter or freak out but I'm not sure how well that is going to hold up. There are plenty of people that are willing to take my kids but it's just not the same as having a family member do it. I can't relax for childbirth if I know my kids are uncomfortable.

I should add that I am almost 38 weeks and I really need to get this resolved ASAP.
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I'm physically feeling done being pregnant (38 weeks on Saturday!) but I'm not really "ready." We're STILL waiting on dh's student loan (OMG!) and there are things I need to buy (namely a new changing table and probably a new pack and play). We could get by if he came right now, but I feel like I can't go into labor until I have money!

I'm also super nervous about juggling a newborn with everything else (especially homeschooling dd1, it's hard enough entertaining dd3!) so I don't feel ready in that sense.
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I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow, and I am not at all ready! My house is a wreck. I don't feel rested. I'm not emotionally ready. It feels like there's a lot going on, but really there isn't. I need to get myself together!
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Well, glad I'm not alone!

Naomismom, I still haven't figured out arrangements for the kids, either. I guess I'm just planning on another middle-of-the-night birth where the kids sleep through it... you know, because I have so much control over that! My mom is working constantly and I just don't really want MIL around. If the past is any indication, I won't need much labor support so if the kids are awake, I think they'll be okay with dh, plus we'll have an apprentice mw there (well, if everyone makes it there before actual birth). But I don't want dh to miss anything if one of the kids really needs some alone time, so then I think I should have someone there for them. But I don't want a bunch of extra people around either, as ds3's birth with just dh/me/mw was so lovely. I did at least talk to a mom at school about being emergency pick-up for my boys if I go into labor in the afternoon and need someone to get them when school lets out. Now I just need to get her number written down...

CherryBomb... I think that's also part of why I'm not ready yet, either. I am dreading getting my oldest to school in the mornings with a newborn to take care of, too. We commute, and it's a 15-minute drive one way, and the winter driving especially sucks. I had a really hard time with the commute the winter after ds3 was born.

At least as of this minute I can say my house is nice and clean. No nesting urge (I never seem to get one), but we had a showing on our house so I had to get it done. Of course, it most likely won't stay in this state long, so it'll probably be a disaster again by the time I actually have a baby.

I did order my birth kit tonight, at least. Hey, it's progress.
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I'm 38 weeks on Monday and I'd be perfectly happy if this baby wasn't born until 41 weeks. I have most of the "baby stuff" done--except for installing the car seat--but there's all of this other stuff that I feel needs to happen before she can be born.

1) Our older daughter was also an October baby and we're having an early birthday party for her tomorrow with 5 other toddlers/pre-schoolers. Both sets of grandparents are driving up here for the party and I really don't want to go into labor while they're still here because a) my mother smokes and I don't want her handling my newborn b) my husband's parents are likely to say SOMETHING to our older daughter about the baby/breastfeeding/her "big girl" status that will make her feel bad at a time when she's already feeling really insecure.

2) I've been on a super crazy nesting kick for months now and there are still at least 30 things that "have" to get done.

Yeah, so I've been following this community for birth announcements but I've been avoiding actually logging into MDC because I feel like there's no time to "waste online" when I could be cleaning behind the refrigerator or rewashing the windows for the 3rd time... or spending time with my daughter since I still feel pretty guilty about her no longer being "the baby." I'm also really sick of causal acquaintances asking me if I'm impatient, ready, etc. with the expectation that I MUST be because I'm so freaking huge. The physical aspects of this pregnancy have been harder than my first, but pregnancy is still a breeze compared to caring for a newborn.
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... I'm 39 weeks today.

And so not ready. Eeeep!!!

The house looks marginally better than it did a couple of weeks ago, but it's still a verifiable wreck. I ordered my birth kit 2 weeks ago and it hasn't shown up yet (the midwives have a spare, but still). My car's backseat is too full of clutter to get a carseat in, plus I don't have the infant seat yet. We have AN infant seat, almost new, but it's almost entirely pink and frankly I don't like that much pink even if the baby is a girl, so I've been meaning to pick up a grey one. That has not yet happened. My bag to take to the birth center is mostly done but I'm still not happy with it.

That said, I am starting to feel emotionally ready, and starting to assimilate the idea of a newborn in this house. The plan for tomorrow is that I will be locking myself in the bedroom with the sewing machine and finishing up a load of crafty projects -- like sewing the ribbon trim on some of baby's things and hemming some curtains -- while DH has the run of the rest of the house for organizing his stuff, touching up some paint, moving (and cleaning under) large appliances, etc. I really hope to be "ready" as of Sunday morning.
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How's everyone doing?

I'm 38 weeks tomorrow and... nope, still not ready.

The birth supplies arrived today, at least. But I haven't opened up the box yet. I do plan on gathering all my birth stuff together before my mw appt tonight so my mw can at least see I've accomplished something.

Meanwhile, there is too much going on here. The biggest problem is I still have a horrible case of thrush. I've been working with my homeopath, but it's still not licked. I'm waiting to hear about what remedy to try this time, and meanwhile trying very hard not to scratch my breast off. I do NOT want to be dealing with trying to breastfeed a newborn right now.

We FINALLY had a showing on our house, and the dw couldn't make it on that day due to a death in the family. But, the dh saw it and wants her to see it, too, so that's a good sign. We're supposed to be hearing from them about showing the house at the end of this week or the beginning of next, so.... I'd like baby to wait a bit, as I feel like this is our last chance to sell the house before winter, as I will probably not be having showings with a newborn around.

Because of this, I have not gotten out all the newborn stuff to wash and put away, because I'm afraid of being called for a showing while I have it all scattered everywhere. But hey, the baby really just needs diapers (we have a few disposables for the early days) and blankets, right? I figure we can always throw a load of clothes/diapers in the wash after babe is born. Right?

There is a really huge event called ArtPrize going on downtown that I'd like to see more of. I went for a few hours over the weekend, but only saw a small portion of what's out there. There are also a few moms-nights-out planned among my friends coming up, and I'd like to see another game or two of my boys' soccer before babe arrives.
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I'm 38w3d and definitely feeling like I'm ready now! Still nervous about how the baby is going to fit in with everything else, but I've got a place for the baby to sleep and everything, so I feel more ready now.
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I'm 37.5 weeks now, and JUST barely starting to feel almost a little bit ready. Mentally, I'm ready to be done with work for awhile, that's for sure. On the baby front, we did a huge burst of nesting this weekend, and took care of a lot of the big items on our to do list. We had construction done to create a new room in our house for the baby (basically just putting back up an old dividing wall the previous owners had knocked down to create a ridiculously large "master suite"), and this weekend we moved our 2yo DD into the new room, which is bigger than her old one, and got some furniture in her old room for the little guy. He now has a dresser, a crib, a rug, and a chair. We still need to get a couple of shelving units and a changing table/desk for him, plus general decorating in his room. I just ordered a bassinet for him (which is where he'll actually sleep for his first 4-6 months, most likely) and we also have a car seat coming in the mail for him. We also (FINALLY) got around to replacing all of the hazardous cord blinds in our house with cordless, and donated some old furniture and stuff we weren't using anymore to goodwill. I washed the baby's clothes (mostly DD's stuff that was gender neutral enough for a boy), and plan to organize it and put it away this week.

So, there's still lots of cleaning and miscellaneous things on the agenda, but at least we have a start now. Oh, and I'm continuing to work 40-60 hours a week on top of all this (plan to continue work until I go into labor, like last time), which definitely makes it hard to get stuff done, but it'll all turn out fine in the end, I'm sure!!
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No, not me. I will be 38w tomorrow and my OB told me today I am 3cm dilated. I know the number doesn't mean much, but I still don't want to go into labor & delivery yet. Hopefully, the earliest time labor will set in is this coming Friday.

Also, I have this awful cold...runny nose, headache, etc. Any one going through this too?
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Not ready here either! I'm getting excited but I want babe to cook a little longer (I'm 35 weeks), still have to get the homebirth supplies and get my list of to-do's done.
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Nope. Not ready. I still have to make the sidecar crib up for Bitbit and we still haven't done the dry (or wet rather) run of the birth tub. We have made any and all arrangements that we can, but I still need to stock the fridge and make my witch hazel pads. I actually have to go and buy the pads if I'm going to do that, really. My 20 month old is starting to get extremely clingy which to me means that the baby must be coming very soon and I don't know what I'm going to do with 2 kids. So no, I'm so not ready for this, but I'm willing to adapt if the baby comes sooner rather than later. I'm 37.5 weeks now so it can be any day. With all the October babies coming early, it's making me nervous too.
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