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Kitten costume

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Ds (3) has decided he wants to be an orange kitten for Halloween. I'm not very good at making anything...anyone have ideas of what I could do for an outfit for him?
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Since he's so young you should be able to do something simple for him. Orange sweat suit. Face paint (or just paint a nose/mouth & whiskers on with eye-liner). You can buy cat ears and tails, though usually they are black.

I made some once when DD was that age and then she changed her mind about her costume. To make ears, use a head band and put triangles on it - you could use fabric or even stiff paper.

For a tail, you can pin one on the back of his shirt or pants (pants might be better for using the toilet). It could be made from scraps of fabric.

But if you aren't "crafty" I would just buy the ears and tail at a craft/fabric store. They are relatively cheap.

Oh, yeah! Another thing you could do easy/cheap is to use a pillow case or make a simple sack and stuff it (if he wanted to be a fat cat) and you could just braid a tail out of yarn. I went as a mouse like this once way back when. But you could do a kitty too. We made paper plate masks ourselves.

Good luck!


I have to figure out now how to make a furry wolf queen costume for DD (7). She is super picky about everything and wants one leg to be black, the rest to be gray. I am thinking footed PJs style, but I have no idea how to make that. Ack! At least she already has something to use as the cape. And we do face paint for fun around here and I found a good design on the internet.
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Thanks Starflower! Those are great suggestions.
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Have fun!
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Would he wear a headband. If so there are instructions for some cat ears here

I've made a couple of sets and my kids like them.

For the rest of the costume my kids are usually happy with a tabard style top. especially if it has a tail sewn on Orange fleece would be easy as it doesn't fray.I think a white tummy on an orange cat would be cute.

We've put the tabards over jogging pants and sweatshirts. pyjamas whatever we can find that is a suitable colour.
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