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Our appointment is tomorrow UPDATE

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UPDATE: We saw the new pediatrician today. She was actually able to read through all of the information from the teacher and the stuff I had typed out. She asked a few additional questions and watched him while she was reading/talking and when she was done with that she said that she thought he was autistic spectrum disorder with ADHD and SPD. She referred us to a child psychiatrist so we're waiting on an appointment with them. The psychiatrist will do the actual evaluation and diagnosis. She said there could possibly be some med we could try for the ADHD and she told us to get melatonin for his sleep issues. She said to try them for 1 week and see if it helps his sleep.

I'm so happy to finally have someone take my concerns seriously and put us on the right track. It didn't come as a blow to me (hearing that my son is autistic) because I've suspected it for 2 years)

I decided to switch pediatricians. Ours has always kind of brushed off my concerns. I was concerned about DS's speech at age 2 and he kept saying wait until he's 3...I was concerned about his hyperness and his delays in fine motor skills..and he kept saying Oh he's just being a boy and when I was concerned about his toe walking at age 4 he said well, he CAN walk flat footed so he's fine.
Well, last year we started ST and OT..got an SPD diagnosis and then started PT this year and were prescribed AFOs for his toe walking because he's already lost range of motion from it. I had to call and say I wanted these referrals...he never would give me a referral when I voiced my concerns. For a "normal" child he's a great pediatrician but he's not the right fit for my son. My daughters will continue to see him though.

We're going to a pediatrician that my SIL (she's an OT and actually treats the new ped's autistic son) recommended this new doctor. I have all sorts of stuff written out from over the years that concern me as well as info DS's teachers are sending home and I'm taking all of that with me. THe dr. is going to have a novel to read before we even get started. LOL

I'm praying she can give me some new direction. SIL suspects PDD along with the SPD. I don't know. I see things from autism to ADHD to ODD. I just want answers you know. He's having a LOT of problems in school to the point where I fear they're going to let him go from the program (Its just PreK so not required)
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Some people's doctors. There is a difference in asking if something is wrong and telling the doctor something is wrong, what is it (?). Perhaps the "little mother" attitude is still alive and well (there, there, little mother--you are parioid/spend too much time on the internet).

Everyone tried to reassure us that ds was "just being a boy" and he had a horrible K year.
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Good on you for switching, though I don't think I would feel comfortable sending my child to a ped that would be great only for "normal" kids.

We found ourselves in the exact same boat. DD, who just turned 19mos, is globally delayed due to congenital hypothyroidism that went undiagnosed until she was almost 1. Because of our original ped who, like yours, wouldn't listen to me...."Oh, you think she's getting too big? Feed her less." Seriously.

In two months of our new ped, he referred us to an early intervention program within our school district, and my daughter is now seeing the full range of specialists so that we can try to catch her up. It makes me sick that he picked up on all of this immediately, and my last ped was so blase about everything.

Best of luck to you on your new journey, and good on you for being a mama bear! I played the "Dr. Knows Best" game for far too long, being a first time mama, and also not wanting to acknowledge that my daughter's normal just might be quite different from everybody else's.
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I agree w/ the previous poster, I applaud your switching ped to fidn one that works better for your son--but why would you not switch all your kids? I would lose faith in a Dr that treated my family with so little concern- typical developing or not.

I would seek a Spec.Education evaluation. If your son is over age 3, then he could get a comprehensive eval through the schools- it would be free and also let you know exactly where he stands in fine motor, gross motor, social, etc skills. They have support people for PDD/ADHD etc also that can help make sure he is successful in the classroom. Then they should be able to make accommodations in the class for him and/or provide OT/PT etc for him in a school setting.

From age 3-6 it is hard to determine ODD....defiance and grand scale temper tantrums are developmentally normal and would have to be extreme at those ages.

PDD/ASDs are screen for as well---there are several evaluations that can help you adn find out ways to better help your son.

As for the DR appointment, I would provide a bullet-pointed list for the DR to look over, as well as a list of ?s and concerns you have- bring the other records,but unless he/she has them beforehand- they will most likely not read ALL of them in the actual appointment if there is a lot.
Good luck on your eval!
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I typed out the info in bullet type sort of. Just a brief description on the issues he's having. I don't expect her to read it all right away but I want her to have it for his record.
I may switch all 3 kids. I wanted to see how we like this lady first. We have an HMO so we have to call and have the ped changed before we can see a new one and since my daughters don't go in but every 2 years for check ups (unless they get sick) then I didn't see a need to switch them until we know for sure.

The OT is involved with the teacher in helping her find ways to work with DS. She has come in and observed him and given her some tips. I will push for an IEP if we need to and my SIL will handle that for us if the time comes. I kind of wanted to see what the ped. says today and go from there.

I had a meeting with the teacher/asst. principal and the special needs person the first week of school and we had a great meeting and set up some goals, but things are not going well. I'm supposed to have another meeting with them soon. THe special needs director was requesting records from his PT, ST and OT to have them for our next meeting.
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updated the original post with our news.
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We use Melatonin for ds, though we had to go to a vitamin shop for the lower dose pills. It has made bed time SO much easier. It would formerly take 40min to 2hours for ds to fall asleep and now he is out in 10-20 minutes once he lays down. He takes Concerta for ADHD.

Ds (6) also sees a CBT for help with his social skills. In two weeks we will have our first parent meeting after the initial visit to review her observations/progress. She will also be sending periodic reports to ds' psychiatrist.

We had a 504 meeting the second week of school with ds' teacher, the school psychiatrist, the special ed teacher, and some guy that showed up late (might have been the VP). Ds had his first rough week since school started, this week, but his teacher and I e-mailed a ton last night and came up with a new plan for him. His teacher also agreed to send me a weekly summary that I can share with his therapist.
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DD2 takes concerta for her ADHD. I wonder if the psychiatrist will prescribe something for DS.
I'm hoping the melatonin helps his sleep. Last night he did wake once last night. He usually wakes around 11:30 and again later but last night it was after 2:30 before he woke up. We'll continue for a week and see if it helps. I'm actually going to try it for myself since I don't sleep well at night either.
My challenge now is trying to determine some new things to try at school until we meet with the psychiatrist. The teacher made it sound like he'll be kicked out of the program soon if he continues with his behavior problems....but maybe knowing that we're pursuing proper diagnosis and not just sitting back watching him be bad then they'll be more understanding of his issues.
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