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Egg White Discharge?

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Hey Ladies,

I really haven't had much discharge throughout my pregnancy (at least not as much as I read others have). Just some clear, here and there and I think some of that might be from being so darn hot this Summer (sweat). Well I am almost 31 weeks and for the past 2 days I have had a little egg white like, thicker discharge. I had a childbirth class today and they mentioned the mucus plus being like that and now I am worried. Obviously it is too soon for that, but I want to clear my mind. Anyone else have this?

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Some people lose bits and pieces of it throughout the later months of pregnancy. I do occasionally. If it's just small amounts with no blood/pink parts and you have no other symptoms, I would not worry about it. But contact your HCP if you are worried.
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Oh good to know! I didn't know you can lose alittle hear and there! No blood or pink or other symptoms, thanks for easing my mind. I see my doc next week, so I will keep a good watch on it.
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i get egg-white-like cm after i "o" -- don't know whether that applies to you though
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I'm 32 weeks today and I've had some of that. For me, it's not the same as what my mucus plugs have been like. They seemed MUCH thicker and more snot-like. I would suppose it's quite different for everyone though.
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I started losing large globs (like 1" diameter) of stuff basically the consistency of clear jello starting around 24 weeks. This was often after sex, so I don't know if stuff was just congealing or if bits of my mucous plug were getting jarred loose. Ugh, sorry for the TMI there

In any case, I did mention it to the CNM, because this didn't happen at all with my first pregnancy, and not until 34 weeks with my second (which leads me to. Think it really is chunks of mucous plug), so I was a little concerned about it happening so early. She said that as long as there's no blood, it doesn't indicate anything about cervical changes, and it will regenerate. And that it probably happens to a lot of women who either don't really notice or don't think to mention it.
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I've had egg white cm since early on in pregnancy. It's normal. Like others have mentioned, I wouldn't worry about it unless it was blood tinged.
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I have had more discharge than usual for me in pregnancy with lots of, erm, "snot-looking," EWCM-like discharge. Definitely makes me think of the mucous plug but it's only small bits, no pink or red, so clearly not the plug itself. Though I am eager for the time when it finally IS!
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I couldn't NOT chime in for this. I started getting thick mucusy discharge like that at about 26 weeks with my first one. And everyone told me that it was fine and normal blah blah blah and I had my baby a week later. It was definitely the mucus plug, even though I never saw any bloody show. Ever.

It's not something I'd say to worry about, but I would get it checked out if I were you.
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Thanks Everyone! No blood and def. not from sex..lol.. I think I am the only pregnant women who doesn't have much of a sex life right now. Ha ha! Poor hubby!

Anyway, I will see how today goes and if I still see it I will call my doc. So far, so good, though. Thanks again!
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I've been losing mucus plug for months now - long thick strings of very thick whitish-yellowish snot-like stuff. Sounds lovely, eh? Never had any blood or pink tinge. In my four pregnancies, I've never, ever seen a full mucus plug, not even as labor started. I assume that's what this is & it happens with every pregnancy for me.
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Reading and Learning...

I lost a bunch of little chunks of mucus yesterday. No blood, and it was a very white color. I had hardly even a hint of BH, so I was not worried. But did wonder if it could be my plug. I suppose it will regenerate with having so many weeks left.
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