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If you have 2 but are thinking of a 3rd...

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We have 2 wonderful DD's, however DH and I are debating about a 3rd. Some days we cant imagine one more kid, we would be out numbered! And some days, we feel like there is just someone missing. I will be 30 next year and truthfully I dont want to try for anymore children after that. It was so incredibly difficult on my body when I was 25 and 26 to be pregnant, that I cant imagine how much more difficult it would be over 30. My first two are 16 months apart and so if we were to get pregnant my youngest would be about 2 1/2 which is a better space for me than the first two are. But sometimes I am so glad to be getting some independance back that I cant imagine going back to sleepless nights, 9 months of discomfort and puking. Then back to babydom. Plus I worry about adding a 3rd. Truthfully going from 0 kids to 1 was a million times more difficult than going from 1 to 2. So I wonder if adding a 3rd is smooth or are we back to juggling since there are 3 of the littles and only 2 of the adults.

Just some thoughts and insights would be nice to hear!
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I don't have any experience with 3 kids since I have 2 DDs right now (25 months apart) and am contemplating on a third. However, you might find some good information here:
There is even a forum there for people in your same situation
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Thanks for that link, I will have to read more of the columns and get in on those forums! But the few columns I did read were hysterical

Especially about chasing two young ones while nursing the baby.

Many a time I chased my older while nursing my younger, but I can imagine it is even more daunting chasing two while nursing a baby!
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I was you 3 years ago.
But our DS was the best decision we (finally) ever made! And the transition from 1-2 was FAR worse than 2-3 (even with the outnumbering!) Mind you my other 2 were much older and made excellent helpers by the time DS came along.
I was watching my friends kid along with my own one day and they were all sitting around my table eating a snack, and I just had this epiphany....like I really wanted another child. Like you, we talked about it - for years! but I didn't know if it was just like "new puppy" syndrome where my girls were older and I just missed THEM being babies or if I truly wanted another life in the house.
So try to analyze whether you truly want to raise another child or whether you are just missing your girls being babies (aside from the freedom from sleep deprivation and diapers! LOL). It is easier to love another child than it is to regret not having another later on.
And there are moms out there who are just starting families at 40...I had DS when I was 32 and I was older and wiser and enjoyed everything just a little more because I knew how quickly it goes by (as opposed to having my DDs at 23 and 25) so 30 would be nothing IMO as long as you didn't have rough pregnancies or health issues?

Good luck!
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