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"Google baby"

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Has anyone else seen this documentary? I just caught the tale end of it yesterday. So I looked it up online. Wow. I am so disturbed. I honestly didn't know this existed. I guess I was really naive. i thought surrogate parents were usually friends of the family or at least someone you met face to face. Maybe you pay them for their service and pay all the medical expenses but I didn't think it was outsourced. Wow, I don't know if I want to watch the whole thing.
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never heard of it, but wow yeah that seems so crazy... i dunno if i could watch it
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Oh...that's is just wrong. I haven't seen the documentary but it looks interesting
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I saw the documentary a few months ago. I found the India issues disturbing, for sure. A friend of mine, who lives in the states, is a surrogate right now for a gay couple she doesn't know. She's carrying twins, someone else's egg donation. It seems to have been set up the same type of way as in the documentary. She's doing it to pay for school. I don't see that as disturbing or an issue, but the way it's set up in India is scary! I think for me, it's the doctor there that's in charge of the "house". Scary!
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