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in the past week or so DH has finally gotten to feel some good kicks and i think i once said they were saying hi to him.....

so this morning in bed he turns himself at a complete 90 to me and very gently kicks my tummy with both feet, as i'm looking at him with shock, he innocently says "im just saying Hi back!"

i laughed so hard i thought i would pee the bed!
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One day I was talking to my mom on the phone when the baby kicked me hard. When I told her that my 3 yo DD lifts up my shirt and says "No baby no!" It was so sweet. She also hugs my belly and sings to the baby. She said that when the baby comes out she will sing songs to him. I love that girl!
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I offered my 3yo DD a smoothie I made, and she scrumched up her nose and said "well.... does it have placenta in it?" I said nope, so she smiled and said "Ok!"

I have never given her placenta smoothie, and I only had one once, 6 months ago when dd2 was born and I was having some bleeding issues. I'ts crazy what they remember.
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I think he misses his Daddy... DH has been gone for a week and when the baby heard him talking (we met for lunch) he started kicking me like crazy. Its so amazing how he already knows who Daddy is.
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Let's see...when the baby was smaller (13-14 weeks) I went through a rough period, strained my round ligament and could hardly move. To cheer me up, DH would put his fingers a couple inches apart and then wiggle them back and forth, saying "Wiggle wiggle wiggle!", and make me grin.

Also, he doesn't get to see me nekkid much these days, because a) he's not around most weeknights because of work and b) I've been weaning the first and keeping the girls rigorously covered because of it. So a few weeks ago he actually got to see me undress, and was totally blown away by his "goddess figurine" and basically walked around (*ahem*) "at attention" for days afterwards and took every opportunity to pet his goddess figurine.
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