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Whew, I'm glad that whole 'stocking'/'stalking' discussion is behind us...it was too much for my slightly addled sleep-deprived brain...
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Okay I am too tired to read all the posts on this thread.But I did see mention of one of my complaints lately.The whole I am stalking but am not going to say who.I do see that as rude and don't understand why it is brought up if you are not going to share. I think I am going to go on a mission.Anytime there is a post like that I am going to out who is stocking and post a link.That way everyone gets a chance at the items and maybe I won't be considered so diaper greedy anymore :
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Jamie -

(BTW - I haven't had a chance to email you yet, but I love the diapers I just got! They are too cute!)
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Finally had a chance to read this discussion. WHOA!

Anyhoooo, I say "NAY" on subdividing the forums. That's a sure-fire way to create a clique (or two)

I love this forum. Before I found MDC, I just happily made my own super cute diapers for dd, and showed them off to my family and friends (who thought they were 'nice' but "it's going to get poop on it, why bother with the cute fabric?" :LOL ). I showed them off to some online friends who cloth diapered & thought they were pretty cute, and encouraged me to sell them; i sold a whack to my first client and then didn't sell any more for a year until I found MDC Diapering (well, one batch of plain white prefolds I made for an IRL acquaintance).

This forum was/is wonderful! I couldn't believe there were so many women as nutty for bum coverings as me! I had no clue about the variety of stuff available until I joined here. Seeing the active interest in the couture side of diapering gave me the confidence to pursue my diaper making (even beyond dd's potty learning). I enjoy the comraderie here, the constant spring of creativity displayed by the latest hyena offerings, the wealth of knowledge and time-tested expertise. I'm not visiting or posting as much, because I currently have no-one to diaper but I come back for the juice on the hyena stuff; I love checking out what's new and being challenged by my peers . And I try to offer help when I can.

blah blah blah i gotta get some dishes done. Just wanna say before I go... I MDC Diapering. Even though sometimes we may feel the actions of the moderators seem heavy-handed and perhaps even unfair, I totally appreciate the reason they try to keep things clean here. It's a fast-moving forum, lots to moderate, and everyone's perceptions are different. (That reminds me, Cynthia, I never responded to your last pm, I will do that today)

It's a wonderful place for a cloth diapering nut to be.
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Wow, well said, Kendell. I agree with every word!
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I the diapering forum!!! It's the one place here on MDC where I feel totally welcomed and don't have to worry about getting flamed or stepping on people's toes

Probably 95% of my time on MDC is spent here or over in TP :LOL
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Isn't there an archive of information Darshani?

I don't really care to read about how to wash diapers for the umptenth time, as I already have a method sorted out, just as you don't care to hear about stalking stockings. I like hanging out here and seeing what's new and exciting. Seeing my diapering pals.

There really ought to be 2 different forums I believe.
ETA: actually I just realized there is an archive of diapering topics seperated out, so I am unsure as to where your problem with finding information lies, Darshani. If there is an important, informative topic you'd like preserved ask a mod to move it there

If the diapering forum were relagated to just bland, informative postings about things I already know I would stop visiting and spending my advertising dollars at MDC.
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I do think newbie questions get fewer or less enthusiastic replies then they used to.

I have a suggestion...are there half a dozen or so who are just sooo in love with cloth and spend a lot of time on this board who could be "in charge" of newbie questions? If there was an MDC Diapering Forum Technical Support Team to answer those questions about a start-up stash, how to wash, etc. It could be as formal or informal as you like, and others would still be welcome to reply. But those less fluffy questions would be sure to get answered and newbies would feel more welcome.

When you're researching something you know nothing about AND you're not an expert researcher, it can be very intimidating to wade through the Resources forums. Also, it can be very off-putting and un-welcoming to just have a couple links shoved in front of you that just direct you back into the waist-high info in the Resources. It's nice to have a conversation. Had someone not replied to one of my initial threads in a certain manner, I wouldn't be using cloth. I couldn't have gotten her perspective from the archived information.

That's just my .02. Really, I think a community that is highly autonomous is a great thing. I also think it's good to step back and have a look at what could be tended to a bit more or better.
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Originally posted by ryansmom02

Since it is offensive to some i will not post a link to my most favorite WAHM who i think deserves all the buisness she can get......
Hmm....all I had to do was look under your name off to the left
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Originally posted by *~*SewHappyNow*~*
[B]...actually I just realized there is an archive of diapering topics seperated out, so I am unsure as to where your problem with finding information lies, Darshani. If there is an important, informative topic you'd like preserved ask a mod to move it there
I don't think Darshani is having problems finding information ... and I know she's well aware of the Archives as last year she did help relegate some threads for the Archives. It isn't that she can't find what she needs ... she has been here a couple of years at least now ... longer than many here now. I believe that she was speaking out in general about drawing a balance to the boards.
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I do love this board and reading all the "gossip" on who's go t what new dipe. But I also love to answer newbie ques, and never get tired of helping another CD newbie figure out how to wash and what kind and how many to get.

But......I never send my converts here. I suppose if I felt they were all comfy in their CDing withthe basics they might get a kick out of all the post of new Fab wahm dipes.

FOr starters I send them to Borntolove.com
Great info for beginners

Then there is Diaperpin.com

For sewers or peeps on a tight budget there is

and I've got a bunch more cool beginner sites on my site so I send them there.

Baby steps for converts.

But that is soooooo awesome that you've converted a few friends!!! I'm working on my third convert now!! Yeah! so much fun.
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I'm really new to this forum! I like the mix of posts that are here. The "meat and potatoes' being the tech questions and the rest is "icing on the cake" mmmmm...maybe I better go start dinner!

Anyway, I think Darshani has a valid point, but I'm not sure it is a big enough issue to go and change the format of this board. Again, I'm fairly new here and haven't spent enough time on this forum to know much!!

I'll keep coming back, especially to read fun yet debated topics such as this!!

Macey 3 1/2
Quinn 1
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This will be my last post here at the diapering boards. I agree with dashari.

here is how I feel and been feeling for a long time. I get really upset when there are newbies and no one answers there questions but again we complain how much sposies suck and more people should use cloth well hello people are comming here for info and are being ignored. your attidude is Iam to bored with those type of question well if that was other peoples attidude when you started I think you would probly not of gone to cloth.

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Originally posted by squishy_28
This will be my last post here at the diapering boards. I agree with dashari.

DON'T GO!!!! I think that we are all so diverse! Let's keep it this way! I am so sorry that people are so upset by the tone on the diapering forum.
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Originally posted by squishy_28
This will be my last post here at the diapering boards.
Please stick around - maybe this thread is what we all needed I don't feel that I'm a cd expert by any means but because of this thread, I did make it a point to answer some "newbie" threads today
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If you don't see anyone getting a reply, post to the thread...usually called "bumping" to get it to the top of the forum again. A lot of new posts get missed, and did even a year or two ago. New posters often pick vague titles, or post at overly heavy or overly light times of day - 4am for example...or post in the evening but don't bump their post the next day so it gets buried. If you see it, help them out even if you don't have the answer. That attention alone makes people feel loved. And even though I spend much less time here, when I do it's usually saying the same things "boil your hemp, the snaps won't fall off", "Germs are your friend, there's as much ecoli in your kitchen as in your washer." "Sun is magic." It does get repetitive.

Which leads me to say that if some of our common themes are a criticism, I think that's ok and shouldn't be penalized. Yes, it seems like we might have an agenda. Mine is germs, sun and boiling. But if I had/have a product preference or issue, why should that not be ok too? I don't like the binding on FMBG. Others don't like that fuzbabies get holes. Most of us only have experience with a handful of diapers, so when the name comes up it's not surprising if the product criticism is repeated.

I also suggest that the Resources get changed to References and FAQ or something like that. Common Issues Addressed? Something. "Resources", in the online world, generally leads people to a list of other URLS to other locations. At least it does in the vast vast majority of web sites I visit. When you see "resources" you expect off-site links.

Some of this conflict is natural...many (didn't one poll show most?) MDC members use prefolds...they're just not that interesting.on't think subforums would be at all helpful and probably have a negative effect.
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Okay, just a simple note, since I think it's all been said already, but my .02...

I haven't been here long, but I love it. I have only been lurking and posting for about three months, but have always always always felt welcome. I am thrilled that there are others like me goofy about diapers, and feel a real camaraderie. I've learned tons of stuff.

Agree about the "We're stalking but not telling anybody who" being a bit exclusionary, but it's not that huge of a deal to me. It really should be a PM thing probably, but I would bet that the same people who have done that kind of thing would answer my questions or concerns in a second, so I say live and let live. A bit Pollyanna, probably, but that's my take on it.

Sigh. Looks like I'm going to bounce this thread up to the top again...sorry folks! Just wanted to get a word in before I hit the hay.

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