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Help, i'm 42  8 days pregnant, stopped taking the cymbalta - i'm on 60mg of cymbalta last 3 years for severe recurrent depressive disorder, fibromyalgia and anxiety.  I noticed this hasn't been updated in a while so how did the pregnancies turn out? HELP?????

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I started taking Cymbalta 60mg in between my first and second child and it changed my life...Wellbutrin didn't work, Lexapro didn't work... the fact that Cymbalta made me feel "balanced and yet able to cry when need be, etc..." made me realize that YES, something wasn't firing off right in my brain. And Cymbalta helped.


When I discovered I was pregnant with my second, I had fears of remaining on Cymbalta, but also had fears because I knew it was a class 3 drug and wouldn't know how it would affect the baby. My doc reassured me that it was probably okay to take the first trimester. During my second trimester, he advised that I switch back to Wellbutrin (which I had taken years before) because it was safer.. well, I ended up on the psych ward for 4 days. Yes, this was an extreme situation, but I absolutely believe it's because I was not being tapered off VERY slowly...and because my OBGYN was not monitoring my being tapered off.  All the scary advisory labels on all antidepressants became true! I was clueless, as was my OBGYN, as to what could really happen with suicidal thoughts and regulating antidepressant doses.


After that, my OB (and psychiatrist at this point) put me BACK on Cymbalta 60mg through the remainder of the pregnancy. In my case, the risks to the mother of being taken OFF were outweighing possible side effects to the baby. My OB did advise me that the baby would most certainly be more prone to cholic and fussiness since I was back on cymbalta.


He was born perfect and healthy 2 days before his due date. 7lbs, 10oz...no cholic, slept through the night at 6 weeks. He's now almost 3 and the most intelligent little man ever. I did decide not to breastfeed on cymbalta, because I knew that "choosing" to put cymbalta into his system AFTER delivery was different than having to be on it pregnant. I've had friends say this was selfish, that my antibodies and breastmilk would have outweighed the risks of cymbalta in his system, but it was a personal choice. He did fine on formula.


I'm now pregnant with our third, and have been on Cymbalta 60 the entire time. I hope there are no side effects with this little one once she's here, but I can say that in my case, the benefits of being on it pregnant (and not carrying out suicide) would probably outweigh shortterm cholic, and possibly other side effects if they come our way.


Some would say it's selfish to take any kind of medication pregnant, but I really believe for me, it was absolutely necessary. One of my best friends won't even pop a tylenol pregnant, and I totally respect her for it! I can't say if you stay on Cymbalta you'll have a perfect baby by any means, just wanted to share my experience.




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Thank you so much for sharing your story! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

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I too am currently on cymbalta 60 mg a day and welbutrin 150 mg a day.  I want to get pregnant but have great fears.  I tried to wean off cymbalta a year ago and it did not go well.  I was almost psychotic.  However, I have hope hearing your story about having a baby on cymbalta.  I hope you are feeling well and I would like to stay in touch.

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Hi ladies. Not pregnant yet but wanted to say a heartfelt "thank you" to those who posted about being on Cymbalta and having a normal, healthy baby. We've had to miscarriages already and a 3rd is unthinkable. I've tried unsuccessfully to come off of 60 mg of Cymbalta and 2 mg Clonazepam on several different occasions and I was a literal "basket case" even with a doctor's supervision. I would do NOTHING to harm a child but I know that in my case being on the meds are safer than being off.

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Hello, I was just reading your post and I currently am experiencing the same exact issues you delt with. My question to you is did you continue cymbalta and if so how was your child? I appreciate your help cause I just don't know what to do.

Thank you


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My son is currently 2.5 I took 60 mg daily of cymbalta my entire pregnancy.He was born on time via c section. He is beyond perfect.Literally from day one he was super baby very aware and strong.He did everything way ahead walking, talking, understanding, his gross motor has always been very advanced and Im well aware of my bias but he is also extremly inteligent and especially problem solving.Additionally he is huge, very tall and very built. He is also extremly extremly active  which probably contributes to his muscle definition. Now the other thing is he has always had a bit of toddler tummy or a big ol' belly but over all is slim, muscular and tall. the toddler tummy had docs thinking he was gonna be like 12lbs at birth but he was 7lbs 12 oz. He had an issue with milk and soy early on and I could not breastfeed due to medical issues I had during/after his birth but his health overall is also perfect he's 2.5 and he has never had an illness, minor fevers occasionally with teething but never a cold or ear infection yet (knock wood!!)


Im sure cymbalta had no negative  effects on my son and sometime we had jokingly said  the combination of constant pizza consumption (often the only thing that I could keep down )and cymbalta created somewhat a superbaby.

Im still on cymbalta for fibromyalgia so I probably will be on it my next pregnancy too but Im still very afraid cause you just never know.


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Hi, I am currently a day I believe away from 7 weeks. When we first found out that I am pregnant the pharmacy told me to get off of all of my meds including Cymbalta. I WAS taking Ativan .5mg twice a day for my anxiety. I know that the Ativan is bad so I did quit taking that but for about a week being off of both I wasnt sure which one I was w/d from. Then I remembered my pharmacist had told me the Ativan w/d should not be bad considering I was on the lowest dose. I was having the weird brain zaps which scared me and then finally went to my OB. When I told her how bad my anxiety and panic attacks had been she advised to stay on the Cymbalta. Right away I felt better. So, I take 60mg 2xd and it really really helps with the anxiety. When I was first put on it I was only taking 1 60mg a day and the funny thing is that it was prescribed originally by my pain doctor as I have a horrible back. Anyway, my OB does not seem worried and the last time we went in I was right about 6 wks, we heard the heartbeat!!!! She also said everything looks perfect and I am doing a great job. So like others have said if the benefits outweigh the risk you may need to just stay on it. The w/d's are horrible!!!!!! Good luck and please keep in touch if you like.


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Hi all,

I weaned off Cymbalta so I could have my third child. However I relapsed at 6wks. The doctors put me on zoloft for 11 days which was a total nightmare. Made my anxiety soooo much worse. I have been put back on Cymbalta. Its not quite 2 weeks yet so I am still feeling lousy but I can see a slight improvement.

I am now 10 weeks and terrified of getting Post Natal Depression. I am terrified of feeling again how I did the last 2 weeks as I was in a REALLY bad place.

My question is: Those of you who took cymbalta through pregnancy, did you get PND?

I appreciate your time, thanks

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Hi again,

Just adding to the post above..... those of you who took cymbalta through pregnancy, how are your babies? Have they reached all the normal developmental milestones?

I'm terrified of causing any problems for my baby. Any and as much advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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I am 4 months pregnant and was on Cymbalta for over a year now. I spoke to my Dr. when I found out I was pregnant and we decided to wean me off of the drug slowly. I was on 60mg a day before the pregnancy.  He then put me on 40mg for a week, then 20mg for two weeks, then 20mg every other day for another like 2 weeks. I've been having depression/anxiety symptoms recently and I'm unsure what I should do. I'm looking into taking another drug or trying to tough it out. I was doing really well on the Cymbalta so I'm very upset that I'm back to this awful place.  Its weird that your Dr. dosent' know the issues with the drug and preganacy. I would seek out a new Dr. if I were you.  I read alot online about the drugs you can take during pregnancy, some other like Prozac and Zoloft are safer. 


Hope this helps


Cristina, NJ

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It's so good to hear about someone like me. I weaned off the Cymbalta but now again have the anxiety/depression.  I may have to consider getting back on but I'm so scared for birth defects. This is my second child with my first I did not have anxiety only depression so I weaned off Prozac before I was even pregnant to this was a non issue for me then.  Thanks for sharing.

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Just as an update on my post a few months back...I had my third child (second pregnancy on Cymbalta) in early January. She's now 4 months old and absolutely perfect.  Hitting every milestone perfect, started rolling over at 3 months (early) smiling, cooing, only cries when she's wet or hungry, etc... She's great. My son, who is 3 and a half, was my first "Cymbalta" pregnancy and he's tall for his age, sociable, absolutely great. Has hit all milestones early. Knows all his abc's, colors, etc...


So again, my experience has been great with Cymbalta and pregnancies.


I will throw in one caveat...after this third pregnancy, I was walking through SEVERE post partum depression (even while still on Cymbalta 60mg). Some women in my life encouraged me to go talk to someone. I did and was completely honest with her (even explaining how I felt GUILTY about being so down, since I had an almost perfect baby). She put me on a low dose (2mg) of ABILIFY added to my cymbalta. Within one week, my depression was lifted. I do not plan on being on abilify long (I've heard it has strange side effects long-term, and it messes with your blood sugar) but it has tremendously helped my PPD. I am also not breastfeeding, so meds were an option for me. I have a friend who had a terrible response to abilify, but it has worked for me.


Talk to someone and your doctor about what's best for you and baby, that's what matters most.

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Thanks for your updat Pregnantx3. I'm so glad you have another beautiful healthy bub. I'm 10 weeks pregnant at the moment & have been put back on Cymbalta (only 2wks) after a horrific 11days on Zoloft. I am soooo anxious about harming my baby, so much so that I have found myself wondering if I should continue with this pregnancy! Now this is something I have wanted for a long time, I weaned off Cymbalta over 4 months so I could do it med free but it hasn't worked out that way. I need to be on meds & after my dilemma with the Zoloft I cannot risk changing meds again. So again thank you for sharing your story it really gives me hope.
I'm in Australia, where are you from?
Did you get PPD after your 2nd when on Cymbalta?
I'm terrified of getting PPD as I am struggling to get out of that dark whole at the moment. I also worry hat I will be constantly looking for signs of damage in my child once it's here. I have 2 other children bu was med free for both pregnancies.
I really don't know what to do & I know being only week 2 back on my meds I don't have a completely clear head yet.
Any advice would be great, thanks
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I've been wanting to post here for a while. I was on Cymbalta when I unexpectedly got pregnant and I totally was not ready at that point to wean off of it. I ended up staying at 60mg until about 24-26 (when I felt more mentally stable) weeks, then weaning slowly down from 60mg to 30mg, then to 20mg, then completely off. I did have withdrawal symptoms from 60 to 30, no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever from 30 to 20, and then had them again when I stopped taking it entirely. They lasted about two weeks after my last dose and I still get episodes of the "brain spinnies" occasionally, almost a month after getting off of it completely. I am 35 weeks today.


I've been diagnosed with GAD and OCD. So that's what I'm dealing with naturally (mainly with good diet and lots of EPA supplements, and Rescue Remedy) at this point. So far I've been encouragingly fine, though I do have a lot of trouble sleeping due to racing thoughts. Luckily I haven't had any anxiety attacks or irrational thoughts or worries, so I consider myself a success so far! I got off of the drug to avoid withdrawal symptoms in my baby when he's born and I am open to getting back on another psych med postpartum if necessary. I did breastfeed my daughter for 25 months and she never had formula, so giving that a good attempt is extremely important to me. So hopefully I'll be able to try a drug safer for breastfeeding if I feel I need it. I encourage you mothers who are at risk for PPD to do some research regarding progesterone supplementation for treating PPD. Here is a good website on the subject:




I am extremely lucky that my OB is trained in this methodology and that this will be my first line of defense against PPD should it rear its ugly head! It is nice to know I won't immediately be going back on the psych meds, but that we'll be trying this first. :)


Glad to read about normal babies following a Cymbalta pregnancy. :) I've been a little worried about the risks of autism, especially since I'm having a boy, but I do know that the studies that claim these kinds of side effects were studying SSRIs and not SNRIs. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

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I am not on cymbalta but a similar med. I tried to wean off with my first but the withdrawls mixed with pregnancy hormones sent me into a tailspin for almost all second trimester. i ended up having to go back on my original dose. I called motherrisk.org out of canada and got so much great info. ds was born with no issues. At 6 he is very normal.

I was able to go down a dose with my dd but no more then that. No issues with her either. Sometimes the benefits outweigh the risk....it is a very hard decision.

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I found this researching. Thought maybe those of you who have had babies while on cymbalta and those who are now pregnant could check it out. It sounds like it's a why for Eli Lily to research the effects so they know more about it.

Thank you to all who posted! It helped greatly. Now I have more information for when and if we have our second and I'm still on cymbalta.

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I just found out I was pregnant and had only been on Cymbalta for a little over a month. I was taking it for joint pain.  My Ob doctor told me to come off of Cymbalta and I have been off for about a week.  Let me tell you all something from personal experience.  I have lived the last week in H-E-L-L.  I feel so sorry for anyone who has had to come off of this drug.  And what really ticks me off is that my doctor didn't bother to tell me to expect these withdrawal symptoms  It is torture.  Besides the fact that I am pregnant and those hormones are crazy enough, I felt like I was going to die.  I have a 6 year old and a 4 year old and my husband and I are self employed, so my life is already a struggle.  I am either crying or mad at the world and I haven't been able to function.  I don't think I should be driving.  I feel like I am in a fog or something.  It is really hard to describe.  I will never go back on any drug, unless it is necessary, but don't get me wrong, I understand for those who need it.  You honestly have to do what you think is best.  I am just telling everyone of my experience.  I honestly didn't think I was going to make it, but it has been almost a week and I am feeling a little better. I hope that each day I continue to get better. Can't wait until I feel back to my oldself again.  good luck to anyone who is going through this.   . 

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I'm so glad to see people out there like me. I've always had debilitating anxiety and panic attacks. Cymbalta (and Xanax) is the ONLY med that ever worked for me. Now I've been off cymbalta for 4 months and doing great until I was late on my cycle last week. I thought I was ready for a family but the thought that I may b pregnant just totally freaked me out. Begin a 5 day long panic from wake to sleep. It's been the most horrible 5 days. Needless to say I started back on cymbalta but have been trying to evaluate what I'm so scared of. The thought of nausea/vomiting For 3+ months makes me anxious, wt gain makes me anxious, and don't even get me started on fears of labor. I've been trying to pray and trust God more and maybe this isn't the right time but I'm terrified of pregnancy. Panic attacks are such a horrible, hopeless, miserable feeling! There's no relief!
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