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I was recommended to take Cymbalta again at the end of my pregnancy by both my psychologist and my obgyn. I wish I had never touched it and listened to them because when my daughter was born she had colic severely. She would cry 18 hours a day. That's not the worst of it. Now that my daughter is two, she's been diagnosed with autism. It breaks my heart.

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This thread is so helpful!  I'm just starting Cymbalta (from Celexa) and feeling much better already, but I want to get pregnant soon and there's no end to the psych meds in the near future (I've been on some kind of SSRI for about 5 years).  When I expressed concern to my OB, she said that taking care of mama was the first thing...  What a relief!

I'm happy to hear all the comforting stories, though I empathize with those who have or are struggling.  Thank you all for sharing.

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I have read almost this entire thread from start to finish--which I don't think I've ever done before! I am newly pregnant with my second child and weaning off cymbalta. It has been really difficult, but I feel comforted by a community of women with similar experience--albeit a virtual community:). I forgot how lonely and worrisome the first few weeks of pregnancy can be!
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I also just read this entire thread and wished that I had stumbled across it during my first pregnancy!  I was on 30mg of Cymbalta during my first and breast fed for 12 months.  My daughter is now 2 years old and so far has been very healthy, has been in 100% of growth her entire life, and reaches milestones early.  I do hope there are no surprises around the corner.


 I am now 28 weeks with my 2nd and have been on 60 mg of Cymbalta the entire pregnancy.  I started out on Lamotrigne and Ablify as well, but have been able to wean myself off those drugs earlier in my pregnancy.  I just picked up my prescription for Cymbalta and they started putting a label on the bottle that says "use in 3rd trimester could cause health problems"!  This freaked me out even though I have experience with my first pregnancy.  I am now on day 2 of no drugs.  I didn't realize during my first pregnancy what class C meant, now that I have done my research I don't want to subject my 2nd child to the drug.  My first could have been an exception and my second could be effected by the drug, so that is why I am going to try and stay off of it through the rest of my pregnancy and during breast feeding.  I am worried about my depression coming back and for PMD.  I appreciate hearing others experiences and stories on this forum!

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