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I'm an only child and I'm not sure how to deal with this. My 6 yr old has been very mean to her 1 yr old (13 lb) baby sis. I don't think it has anything to do with DD2's special needs. I think DD1 is just being mean, either for attention or b/c she realizes she has power. We've caught her pestering the baby to the point of making her cry and not stopping (especially in the car), putting her feet on the baby while she's on the floor, and then a few days ago, and this is the worst--sitting on the baby's back while she was laying on her belly on the floor. !!! My first instinct is to yell, scream, yank her off of her sister, and yell some more. Obviously not very helpful. We had her run around our house 3 times and then go to bed without a book as punishment. She just smiles at punishments and never seems to really mind it. Arg.

What can we do? I'm more of the "let the punishment fit the crime" type, but I haven't come up with anything relevant. I just know we can't let her get away with it. This type of behavior seems to be getting worse. Any suggestions?