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what happened?

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So confused - it seems like overnight I went from not having to worry about bathroom issues to becoming extremely constipated and gassy Has anyone else experienced a rapid change like this?? UGH!
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I did last night actually but i'm on the TOTAL opposite end of what you have. And it's been a horrible day being at work!!! I hope you feel better soon mamma!!!
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Not having issues with No. 2 here...just No.1!

I have a terrible cough right now, and I keep feeling like I'm wetting my pants. I mean, I do- a little- so I've been wearing liners.

But geeze, this better get better quick or I'm moving on to Depends.
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Yeah, that happened to me two days ago. Too many constipating foods, not enough fibers maybe (I was procrastinating with grocery shopping, there was barely anything left to eat in the house) Now im paying for it, i've got three huge hemorrhoids (TMI, sorry)
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