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I swear someone is going to think I beat my toddler...

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He's not the type to look before he leaps. He runs headlong most of the time and ends up on his face. Currently, he has a cut above one eye where he fell *just right* into a chair and just got a new bruise on the other side. He ALWAYS has bruises on his face and his legs are ridiculous.

Please tell me that your toddler is covered in bruises too.
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Dude, all the time.
We live in a fairly urban area so the houses are right on top of one another and there's always people walking or bicycling down or road. We keep windows open and the front panels on door especially when it's hot out and my kid is always shrieking bloody murder which is so embarrassing but whatever, she's SPIRITED.
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Sometimes DD is covered with Dora bandaids... what can you do? She gets into EVERYTHING! Today she spent a good while pointing out all her "bobos" I swear she purposefully gets hurt so that I have more excuses to kiss her!
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oh yes. my son recently had a gash above his eye where he hit the coffee table..i about cried, but it barely fazed him after a minute. so you definitely are not alone.
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all the time. two visits to the ER as well - one head bump and one dislocated elbow (nursemaid's elbow). she's had a black eye from literally running into a door jamb - lots of witnesses for that one, thank god!. glancing at her right now, she's got two bandaids on her knees from tripping and falling in the driveway while running, bruises all up and down her legs, a scratch on her arm from the cat after a tail-pulling incident, and a wicked scrape on her butt after sitting on and then falling off a tree stump while running around naked outside.

I'm not too worried; the DHHS worker from our area is a friend and neighbor who has us watch her kids all the time. I swear that if a call ever came in on us, she would just laugh hysterically.
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4 boys here... There are times in the summers where Im not sure if their legs are tan or a solid bruise. Black eyes , stitches fat lips scrapes cuts limps...
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Oh yes, all of my kids at some point or another have been covered in bruises from their antics. Currently DS2 has 2 light black eyes and a bruise on the bridge of his nose (the swelling JUST went down today). 3 days ago he pulled a dining room chair on top of himself from behind, while his 1.5yo sister was standing in her booster seat on said chair. Needless to say, I was slightly concerned about a broken nose in my not quite 3yo. He's also been to the ER for x-rays on his hand b/c he put it in the hinge side of a heavy commercial door that was closing. He's had abrasions down his face from falling off our front deck onto the sidewalk (he was trying to climb down the stairs head first )

When DS1 was about 2.5yo, I was emptying the dishwasher and in the blink of an eye he had removed the bottom rack and was trying to push it across our carpeting. He didn't get very far and actually ended up falling on top of the rack and nearly stabbing his eyes out. We immediately took him to our after hours clinic where, thankfully, we found that the tines of the rack had just cut his eyelids, not gone through them. B/c they're so thin, the eyelids bleed incredibly. He still has scars from that. His eyelids were bruised for about a week. DS1 is definitely the child that was covered the most w/ bruises. He used to have them covering his legs b/c he would jump off ALL our furniture. He would climb everything and anything he could.
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DD goes through periods where I joke she must leave the house at night and get in bar fights. She'll have cuts on her face, bruises on her legs, scratches on her arms, etc. It's ridiculous, but the only way I could stop it would be to never let her leave the couch or put her in a plastic bubble.
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Yup. I always say its a minor miracle if we get through the day w/o them falling and bumping their head on something or getting a number of scrapes on legs/arms/etc. Totally normal... I'd even venture to say whats *NOT* normal is a lack of said bruises/scrapes/bumps etc!!
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It's always something around here with my toddler! I take him to a local daycare one or two mornings a week and it always begins with telling the teachers, "The bruise on his leg is from xxx, he fell and bit through his lip yesterday..." The kid just has no fear.
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Constantly!! The stitches next to his eye, huge lump on the forehead, and bruised shins all at once got me some great looks.
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Oh, I needed to see this thread today! Yesterday evening my 22-month-old took a scary tumble down our steep wooden deck stairs and hit his forehead on a stone step at the bottom. It gave him a pretty huge goose egg and we've been watching him carefully for other symptoms since then, but he's completely fine. Of course, I quietly spent most of the night freaking out about head injuries but it seems he's just going to have a very colorful bruise.

This is not the first time he's banged himself up but it's probably the scariest. I'm glad my little daredevil isn't the only one having misadventures.
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Oh, and I forgot the two poison control calls before she was a year and a half! Holly berries and some other berries I couldn't identify in the woods out boack. Poison control was great for the holly berries, but I had to go to the Maine Primitive Skills School for ID on the woods berries - turns out it was bearberries and nothing to really worry about...
Kids that aren't dirty and covered in scrapes and bruises tend to bother me a bit more, as I feel that a dirt, mud covered child is a sign of a well-spent day!!
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All the time. Today he walked straight into a wall at the Children's Museum and got a nice big bump on his forehead. The black eye (from the Children's Museum, too) was probably the worst, I felt compelled to explain that one to everyone that saw it.
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Sigh. Boys. They are so fun.

My 3 year old has more bumps, bruises, cuts, scrapes. If someone asks me I always respond "he's a boy, what can I say." That works for most people.
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