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kinda embarrasing ?

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kay so im just going to spit it out..
i CONSTANTLY have hardened nipples..
maybe not all the way hard.. but enough that with a bra on and shirt you can still see exactly where the nipples are!
when i go out im embarrassed...like people are going to think that i am weirdly turned on by something. and its not cold out!!
i wear a fairly thick bra as it is. (large chested as well, so im not sure if this is related)
and sometimes pads.. but i have to wear really thick cloth nursing pads (i dont generally leak anymore, baby is 8 months)
or the thin ones it still shows through.. but the thick pads are terrible, and show very clearly through my shirts as well.
has anyone nursed for a long time and had this problem?
does it ever go away?
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I have the same thing... but I ignore it
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I have this problem, and it bothers me too. Mostly because my husband likes to make fun of me. I found that if I use Medela pads they're smooth and not too thick (like Johnson and Johnson). They tend to give me full coverage, though I hate wearing them.
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Yup. Seems to be a part of breastfeeding. I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror at a store one day and shocked myself - lol. I had no clue it was that noticeable!
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When I was a teenager and had developed, I remember seeing my mom without a bra and wondering why her nipples were always hardened and mine were only like that if I got cold (she bf 3 babies). Well now I know! I think they will stay that way forever, because when I was a teen she hadn't bf for at least 10 yrs.
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I was shopping for a nursing bra and when the lady was asking me how she could help and pulling down these padded bras I said no, I don't want padding, I don't need it, lol. She told me to try it, it doesn't add to your size but it hides the nipple look best. She said that's why they're made that way and I actually really liked it and it looked great
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I've seen some bra brands offer a nipple hiding contraption in the bras... like this: http://www.balicompany.com/collections.asp?cat=1&col=23

Or there's this: http://www.lindasonline.com/dimrs-si...vers-nude.html
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Ha! I was actually just coming to this board to ask if a bf woman's nipples stay "erect" forever after bfing. Now I know. I was kinda hoping the answer was that they'd smooth out again after a while. Oh well.
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mine don't stay hard all the time anymore and I've only not been nursing for about 9 months. I'm also preggo again. just to give some of you some hope!
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Me too.
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I didn't have nipples AT ALL until I got PG. Before I was PG I thought I might have inverted nipples or something. I always wondered what was 'wrong' with me because I NEVER had nipples like you see on statues or *ahem* certain stars.

Now I have nipples to envy. If I want to wear something nice or a sleek bra, I use the plastic Lily pad pads, they are the only thing that can turn off the high beams!
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Interesting... I haven't had this problem breastfeeding, but when I was pregnant and it was cold my nipples got so hard they hurt. In the winter time I had to hurry to get dressed after a bath or shower because we are living in a basement and it gets really cold. Even after bundling up they were still sore and hard sometimes. The rest of me wasn't super cold because I was far along and staying toasty pregnant woman warm, but my nipples felt like they were heading towards frostbite! It was the weirdest thing.
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