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Is this healthy?

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I have found that I need to plan and count calories. I was thinking about sticking to something mostly like this -- does it look healthy? I'll throw in additional fruits and veggies throughout the week, of course. It would probably put me at 1600-1800 daily dependent on the 'extras' that I'd add. But how is this for a base?

2T half/half (40)
2t sugar (32)

1 serving Oatmeal (140)
2 Tbsp peanut butter (200)
1 banana (105)

1 Fage yogurt (260)
1 c blueberries/berries (80)
1 c Kashi Go Lean (148)
1 T honey (60)

1 flatbread (260)
1 plum tomato (25)
1/4 c. tomato sauce (25)
1 oz mozzarella cheese (90)
Green salad
1 serving low-fat Italian dressing (20)

Thank you!!!
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Add vegetables! Carrots, kale, green beans, cauliflower, brussels etc.. Essential for a healthy diet.
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I would agree with the veggie assessment. Make sure your oatmeal is not quick oats, but the slow cook oats. It takes maybe a minute or two longer to cook, and has more fiber a lower glycemic index, and will keep you fuller, longer.

Other than needing veggies, it looks pretty balanced. You might be low on protein. Were you intending this to be vegetarian? If so, then you might add beans, tofu, or more tree nuts.
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Breakfast seems good, so does dinner.If i were to change anything, i'd add a protein source at lunch. I would also add some veggies there too. Fage yogurt is really good, but there are lower calorie greek yogurts that i think are pretty tasty, oikos and chobani come to mind. 260 is just a lot of cals for yogurt.
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Eggs are another great protein source. Fish if you do fish.
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I am thinking you might need more protein.

Do you eat eggs and fish or drink milk?

I'd cut out the sugar and possibly the honey, but I'm a fan of plain yogurt.

The flat bread has a ton of calories, have you thought to cut it in half and use just half to make your pizza crust then double up on the cheese for more fat and protein.

For myself I have found that oatmeal makes a less than satisfactory breakfast. I am usually starving 2 hours later. I like to have eggs with my breakfast. A typical breakfast for me.

2 eggs (149)
1 whole wheat english muffin (134)
1/2 tbsp butter (51)
1 apple (80)

Total 414

Your breakfast total 445

eta: I'd try and add more veg as well.
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You definitely need to eat more veggies.

I aim to get at least 2 lbs of (non-starchy) veggies in a day. Yes, I know it's a lot..but it makes a huge difference in how you feel.

I think our flatbread meal wouldn't be very satisfying to me (I would want to eat more..but then pizza is a real weakness for me). I would try to more protein during that meal...either eggs or meat (if you eat meat) or beans/legumes.
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I agree that you might be a little low on protein. I don't know exactly what's in your food of course, but my estimate is at about 35g and you really should have closer to 45. And you can get plenty of protein from veggies so if you add those you will kill 2 birds with one stone! Broccoli, peas, beans, and spinach are all "high" protein veggies. Get 3 servings of any one of those in and you are good to go I think.
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