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Anyone do Lowe's Build and Grow?

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I was in Lowe's today and they were doing a Build and Grow program where kid's receive a kit to "make" a wooden firetruck. It is really pounding nails in to put the pieces together and then putting stickers on. They gave us an apron, a merit badge, and a small hammer all for free!

Anyone else do these workshops? It was super fun, and DS did great, with a little help with hammering.
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We've done a couple workshops and always have so much fun. One time they also gave kids a $10 gift card to give daddy for fathers day! I think it's great that they are doing this for the community.
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Home Depot does something similar on the first Satruday of every month, my youngest loves it!
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We used to do the ones at HD and Lowes, but had to stop because our karate classes are at the same time. But they were really fun when we went! I love the little apron and safety goggles they give the kids too.
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DS did them for a while (ages 5-8) but the crafts/projects never really held up and *I* didnt want to keep fixing them. Its probably better if there is someone who knows about tools around and thats just not me. DS is more of a crafter and prefers 'art' stuff to assembly lol.
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We went to our second one yesterday, and they had a real fire truck in the parking lot as well, which was great.

We'll keep doing them at least once a month as long as the kiddo enjoys it. To quote her: "It was the most awesome amazing thing I ever did!" Big thumbs up from us.
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We did ours! And by we I mean the guy made mine because I'm so inept at putting things together. I was literally standing there like um, uhhh, ummm and he saved me. A blast though! And we too had a firetruck to explore
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Yup, ours had a real firetruck outside too. DS was absolutely in three year old heaven! I am a bit bummed that we have to miss it next Saturday, but we will be checking it out the week after, for sure. He is still a little young to wield a hammer unassisted, but as a mama/son activity, it was perfect.
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YES, Ds just went to his first one yesterday. He loved it !! Dh went with him and they built a firetruck. After the kiddos finished the project the y had a real firetruck in the parking lot. Big stuff for a 3 year old boy
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We've been doing them with Cy for a couple of years. He loves them and has my MIL sew all the patches on his apron They are a little easy to break but I think for him its more about the building than the finished project, ya know?
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I thought you had to be over 5 years old? DD is almost 4 and would love this!
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Haven't ever heard of it, but we have a couple of Lowe's around, so I'll have to check it out!
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Originally Posted by mouso View Post
I thought you had to be over 5 years old? DD is almost 4 and would love this!
Five is the recommended age, but three seems to be pretty standard. I've heard of some Lowe's in my area not allowing two or under to have a kit even when pre-registering. Something to keep in mind if you have younger kiddos that will also be attending.
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My son is 3.5, and was definitely a bit young for it, but he managed and had a great time. We are definitely doing it again. I can't wait!
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My DD loves it too. Although to be honest......(ahem!) *I* need something like this. I'm soooooooo not handy, and DH is absolutely hopeless!! One of us is going to have to learn a thing or two. I'm tired of calling a handy person over the most trivial repairs! I'm thinking about checking out some of their adult workshops, although they probably pressure you to buy a bunch of their stuff...
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Wow! So we went to the firetruck one last weekend and they didn't have the kit. They said it got recalled. But it sounds like they just didn't have it together. We made a puppet theater instead. A big dissapointment for my ds! They did have a firetruck in the parking lot too.....

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We've done of few of those at Lowes and my kids (ages 3 and 6) love them. We're going to check out the Home Depot ones, too.
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I keep meaning to do this. I'll have to look into it for next weekend. Thanks for the reminder.
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