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Anybody else? We've got puffy, sore gums here at 13 weeks. Hylands gel is the love of my life right now.
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Hmm, not really. But we're only ten weeks. The drooling has been around for a while though.
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Yes! We've actually got a tooth. DD1 did't have a tooth until 9 months but this little babe was initiated before hitting the 3 month mark.

Lots of drooling. Some screaming, could be pain related imo. I got her an amber necklace.It looks sweet and might help. I also give homeopathic camilia. And she's been chewing on whatever she can.

Good luck!
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Wow, really? I know nothing about teething. Guess it's time to study up. I thought teeth came in waay later.
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lol no teeth here yet (thank goodness)! My first dd didn't have a single tooth until the day of her first birthday. I am kind of hoping these one follows a similar path! However dd1 teethed all the time (pain, swollen gums, etc) but just took a really long time to get her teeth in.
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Originally Posted by chattyprincess View Post
However dd1 teethed all the time (pain, swollen gums, etc) but just took a really long time to get her teeth in.
I think that might be the path we're on. Lots of drool, swelling, shoving hands in mouth, etc., but no signs of impending teeth. Poor baby. We're stocking up on Hylands and have Tylenol on hand if it gets too too bad. I can't believe how quickly our babies are growing up! How do we slow it down?!
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Originally Posted by expat-mama View Post
Wow, really? I know nothing about teething. Guess it's time to study up. I thought teeth came in waay later.
My thoughts exactly! I too thought I had lots of time before thinking about breastfeeding a baby with teeth! Hopefully I do still have lots of time
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teeth . . . I guess I've been trying to suppress the thought of nursing again with teeth. It's doable, God knows we women manage to nurse our babes for years. But getting past the initial difficulties . . . I really hope this baby doesn't get his teeth too soon. DD got hers with 10 months. I think it was easier communicating to her that I don't like biting. Don't know how it is with younger babies.
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i've got a teether too...drooling, gnawing, occasionally fussier than normal. so hylands gel and amber are the way to go??
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Wow, lots of early teethers here! I've read that the average is 5-8 months. DD started at 8-9 months, but since the middle of September I've seen two little white spots almost broken through DS's gums on the bottom! I thought for sure they'd be out by now, but they're taking their sweet time.

And yes, breastfeeding with teeth is a new challenge, but it's not so bad! DD only bit me once (really hard, broke skin, took a few days to heal...ouch!), but then got used to nursing with teeth. We've never tried any remedies since it didn't bother her, and doesn't seem to be bothering DS much either, but I've heard some good things about the amber necklaces. Plus they are so cute!
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My dd started teething around 4 months(?) just like the other babies who got their teeth around the 6 month mark. And then we waited. And waited. Finally got one at 10 months. With DS, he's drooling up a storm, gnawing on his fist, chews gleefully on my finger when he gets the chance and is being generally crabby at the moment (he totally mellowed out from his screamer personality after birth). However, I'm not seeing or feeling any sign of budding teeth in his gumline. So, I'm just going to wait and see. And giggle because he chews on my finger as if he's gnawing on a bone and just loves it and his eyes crinkle with happiness.
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YIPES! No sign of teeth here at 11 weeks - and I'm not complaining! DD #1 got her first teeth at 4 months, and it took us a while to catch on that was what was going on! We had better luck with Boiron's Camillia early on. I remember the first time I gave it to her - about 20 minutes after I gave it to her, she stopped screaming and dropped into the most solid sleep I'd seen in ages. I was really worried that something was wrong with her - but no, she was just finally relieved!
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Edie's almost 12 weeks and I just felt/saw some bumps under her bottom gum yesterday. And she has been screaming which is totally unlike her. I don't believe in homeopathics and I don't really want to give her Motrin... might have to go pick up some "gumomile."
My first got his first tooth at ~7 mos. and my second got his at 5 mos. I don't care when her teeth come in (whether it's today or 3 mos. from now) but I hate seeing her in pain!
She won't take her paci the past couple days but is happier gnawing on her fist or my finger. She also chewed on her silver rattle a bit yesterday-- I need to find her a good teething toy.
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Marlowe is also almost 12 weeks, drooling, gnawing on his hands or my finger, and I looked yesterday and can see/feel teeth under his gums.
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My other two got their first tooth at four months and I wouldn't be surprised if Stella's on a similar path. She's got her entire fist in her mouth most of the day, tons of drool, and very spit uppy lately. I don't see anything yet, but I have a feeling it is just around the corner!

FWIW, nursing a baby with teeth has never been a problem for me. I think my daughter bit only once and a firm no was enough to solve the problem.
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I agree about nursing with teeth. It's been a non-issue for me. It doesn't feel any different for me, teeth or no teeth. The only time I ever had teeth issues was at the begging of this last pregnancy when my milk dried up and my toddler reacted by biting. Mostly a firm no and removal from the breast was all that was needed.
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