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Did I do something wrong?

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I have 7 embryos left over from a previous IVF cycle. I offered to donate them (via email - I just couldn't do it in person for some reason (is this where I went wrong?)) to a friend who told me that her doctor said she has a 2% chance of getting pregnant. She did not reply and has not answered phone calls and from what I can tell she doesn't plan on talking to me ever again! This was about two weeks ago. I know it is a very strange thing to offer, but was it that terrible that she can't ever talk to me again? Sad to lose a friend.
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I guess you need to explain a little more.... had you talked to her about donating them to her before offering your embryos to her via email? Is she a close friend of yours? Everyone handles things differently!
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Having used donor egg to have my child.... I don't care how I got the baby obviously and would _jump_ on an offer like that from a friend. Oh gosh I love this babe. But getting to that point was hard. Letting go of my fertility hurt. Maybe your friend is still mourning her loss. She'll come around I think, and understand how amazing that offer is. You are very kind.
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She's a friend who I spend time with about 2 or 3 times a year. So no, we aren't really that close but close enough that when we talk we share pretty intimate stuff. I have shared with her my struggle with fertility and she hers. I did tell her in person about the fact that I had 7 embryos and that it was time to make a decision about what to do. She said that if it were her she wouldn't donate them to a stranger and that she would prefer stem cell research or something. She is a ver private person, so maybe this offer was seen as an invasion of that. Thank you buzzer beater, that makes me feel a lot better!
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Friend said that she didn't realize that she hadn't written me back and everything is fine. I guess I'll take that as a no, she doesn't want the embies!
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I think what you did was very nice and I'd just let it go I guess if she doesn't acknowledge it!!!
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sselora - I've been thinking about your original post since I read it last week. I'm so glad to hear that things have sorted themselves out. I think you're kind to have offered them to her. And poor woman, she must be grieving so much right now. I think struggling to build my family has opened my heart a lot - as tough as it is to see other people become mothers, in my heart I really want everyone to have the babies they long for, and focusing on that help me to be okay. Off topic, maybe, but I just wanted to share!
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