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my water broke.

contracting a bit, took some labor enhancer and am off to bed. wish me luck.

(i can do this, i can do this, i can do this...)
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So exciting!! ELVs!!!!
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Yippee! How exciting!

Sending ELV's your way!

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Sending ELVs to you mama!
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You can do this!
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exciting! hope the labor goes smoothly for you and that you get some rest!
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Congrats!! ELV's your way and can't wait for an update!!
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God speed baby!!
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ELV!!! You can do this mama.
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Ooooooh! Get some rest mama, you'll be holding your little one soon!!!!
My 5th will be here in a couple weeks too! yay for big families!!!
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Yay! this is sooooo exciting.
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oooh, yay! Hope you were able to get some rest! Hope your labor is smoooooth.
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Hope it's going well!!
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Sending ELV's and looking forward to updates.
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Hope the little one is here soon!
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ELV's to you! You can do it!!!!
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