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Bleeding? Period?

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Ok gals I need some help... I stopped bleeding about 2 weeks ago, then on Friday I started having bright red blood heavy flow and clots again. Its just like day 1-2 of AF. Am I having a period already?? DD will be 6 weeks this coming wed.... I find it hard to believe its a period but its hard to believe its PP bleeding again since it was completely gone for almost 2 weeks, and before it went it was spotting.... i have my 6 week checkup on wed but I thought I would see what u all thought... I amnursing btw for all but 2 4 ounce bottles a day. she nurses a lot at least 8 -12 times day.... sometimes for over an hour at a time
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I had a major pickup in bleeding around 6 weeks as well. I think it was my body just finishing up the lochia.
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Originally Posted by Dahlea View Post
I had a major pickup in bleeding around 6 weeks as well. I think it was my body just finishing up the lochia.

had you completely stopped prior to that? I had no bleeding not even spotting for almost 2 full weeks (I think it was 1 day shy of 2 weeks) before this started and now it's as heavy as a regular period, almost as heavy as the first day after DD was born
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I've heard of women having a period (or bleeding just like one) at 6 weeks, then not having another for months. There must be some weird hormonal stuff happening then. That's when breastfeeding babies get acne, too -- there's got to be a connection with the timing of all of it.
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Yeah I had pretty much stopped for a week. It kinda freaked me out!
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Maybe it is a period... because I read a lot of women posting that they were shocked to get their period really early and while breastfeeding. Hope not, for your sake - but I was surprised to read this over and over when browsing other due date clubs during the boring final days of pregnancy.
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I had this same thing happen at 7 weeks...I'm hoping it wasnt AF...but I guess we will see next month.
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Interesting about the 6 week mark and breastfed babies getting acne. Didn't know that. I noticed Bode started getting acne the other day. He was 6 weeks old on Friday!

Sorry I can't help with the postpartum bleeding at 6 weeks. I had quit bleeding entirely for about a week and then it picked up again. Bright red and clots. But that was only at 4 weeks.
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I'll go with the non-commital "maybe, maybe not". There are women who turn up to their 6 week PP checkups pregnant so I don't see why it couldn't possibly be a period (it even happens to EBF mamas!).
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Mentioned this in the pp chat thread, but I had some spotting today out of nowhere, no other signs of AF. I'm at 10.5 weeks, haven't bled since 5.5 weeks.
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ARG... I'm 7 weeks after birth and starting my period. I got a pap 3 days ago and my midwife said "I can feel your left ovary. Dont be surprised if you start your period."

ARRRG!! I'm breastfeeding exclusively, making too much milk even (drowning the poor girl).... does this impact breastfeeding, starting a period soooo early? (I was SO looking forward to not having one for a long while /cry)
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I've had a little spotting for the past few days (11+ weeks pp). This better not be my period -- it didn't return for 9 and 14 months with my older kids.
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Add me to the spotting/potential period list DS had a night 3 days ago that he slept through a feeding, and we went 7 hours with sleep. That, and being out for a couple of afternoons without babe, and here comes a period. I didn't get a period until 6 months with DD. Grr
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I am pretty sure that mine was a period, DD started sleeping through the night -6-7 hour stretches at about 4 weeks PP and the bleeding started about 5.5 weeks PP. Ah well, what can you do
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I've had some weird bleeding too this week. I stopped pp bleeding about a week ago right around 6 weeks and then went to my 6 week check up (at 7w2d) and had a pap. My midwife said she didn't think I'd spot based on how my cervix looked and I didn't the rest of that day and night. The next morning I started up with some bright red kind of heavy spotting which lasted for two days and then today I just have really light spotting. AF or delayed response to the pap?
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Count me in. I haven't had any bleeding but I have had episodes of brown spotting for about the last week/week and a half. DS is exclusively breastfed and doesn't go longer than 3.5 hours without eating.....EVER LOL.
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I stopped bleeding at 2 weeks, but then it started up again about a week later from stress - my mom had a stroke so I was driving an hour to the hospital every day and making the 1/4 mile walk to her room from the parking garage.
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Ok, even weirder.... Today, exactly 2 weeks after I started bleeding and seemed to have a period (?) I am bleeding again. It's the same as last time, light bleeding, spotting really and it's pink and mucousy. Last time it started this way and later in the day it was more bright red spotting. I have PCOS and don't normally even cycle without metformin which I went off of at the birth. Can't figure out what's going on with me. I am EBF and DD normally eats every 2-2.5 hours with sometimes a 3-4 hour stretch at night.
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