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I write a list of 7-14 dinners.
I do not assign a specific day to a meal unless there is a holiday.
I ask dh and dd for input when I make the list. I look at what we have on hand.
I don't try more than 1 new recipe a week because dd is not big on trying new foods. Most of what I make is stuff I know she will eat at least part of the meal. If dd does not want to eat any of what I made then she can have a sandwich or cereal.

I plan to have leftovers. This week I cooked roast beef in the slow cooker, rice and green beans. We are having the leftover rice today- dh took some in his lunch. I had the leftover green beans with my lunch. The cut up meat went in the freezer. Later this week or next the leftover meat will be put in soup.

When dh is not going to be here for meals I feed dd one of the foods she likes. It isn't exciting but I'm not interested in a struggle when I am hungry too.

I don't write out plans for lunches, snacks or breakfasts. I make sure we have items on hand for those but they are usually the same low prep items all the time. Lunch will be sandwiches or leftovers so I make sure we have bread and sandwich stuff on hand. Breakfast will be oatmeal, cereal, sandwich or leftovers. Snacks will be fruit or something easy like that. So I only seriously cook once a day.

I pick something from the meal list to make every day- usually the night before or early in the day so someone can give their opinion in advance. Getting food from restaurants often is just not an option for health and financial reasons. Our food budget does not change. If we choose to eat out the money comes from there. Usually we plan the times we will eat out- once or twice a month.

Meal planning makes my life easier and helps us stay within our budget. I think you just have to have your dh on the same page about eating at home and be firm.