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Spinning Babies??

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Why do I feel so stupid when I look at this website???

I really am having a hard time figuring out what position this baby is in and if it's good or bad... the suggestions they have for good positioning seem to have some contraindications on them, especially if you are a multipara like me. Have this or that... how am I supposed to know exactly if those things will help or harm???? ARGH!

Just feeling overly frustrated.
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I know what you mean. Soooo many variables. Whatcha need help with?

I still can't figure out this kid's position. So very confusing. My fourth was so easy to figure out...
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I'm not sure what exactly I need help with... I feel like this baby is in a ball, lol, not in any set position. All curled up. I have been pondering if my ligaments are tight and that's part of the discomfort I experienced this pregnancy and last. The site just isn't clear and I understand why... no two women are alike, it's very broad because there are so many variants of normal.
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I know exactly what you mean.

I can't figure out positioning either- is that a butt and foot a knee?

If baby is head down, should I do inversions anyway to help with relaxing my ligaments? I don't know!!!

I was also thinking today that the people I know who just go through their pregnancy doing nothing special always go into the hospital and have completely uneventful easy labors. So I'm trying to just relax about everything.
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I know, I was looking at it today too. As of my last m/w visit on Thursday, baby was head down, so I'm thinking...hmmm...I really don't want to stand on my head and have it flip breech! Baby did something funky last night though and my belly has been misshapen and uncomfortable ever since, and it feels like there are several hard, round protuberances all over the place, I don't know what's what. I had such a long, hard labor with DD because she was posterior and acynclitic, so I'd love to do something to help position, but then I wonder if that's just how I am built.
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I started seeing a chiro. last week for help turning the baby (currently posterior). Apparently, there is a lot that chiropractic can help with in terms of turning. He is a huge fan of homebirth, and my MW rec. him--he has turned many babies for her clients. I am having three adjustments a week, and while I don't know yet of the baby has turned, I do feel fantastic! He did something that makes being massively pregnant much more comfortable. No more sore ankles and achy back by the end of the day.
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I am seeing the chiro the 4th. I loved mine with #4, hopefully this one is good, too.
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Yeah I agree that site can be confusing, I have to click around like a crazy person to try to find what I'm looking for.

I have been going to the chiropractor too and sitting on my birth ball instead of the couch, to try to help baby stay in a good position as well as getting on my hands and knees twice a day and doing pelvic tilts.
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