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Congrats mama!!!! Seeing all of you other DDCs having babies makes me excited even though I've still got until February!
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Welcome Baby Olivia!
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Congrats!!!! Welcome to the world, baby Olivia!
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Yay! Welcome baby Olivia! And congratulations Mama!
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Congrats! Way to go on the water home birth - post your story!
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Congratulations. Rest up and enjoy your new baby.
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Congratulations Mama!! Love her name!

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Wonderful birth story!! Congrats on your new baby girl! Enjoy your babymoon!!
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Congrats!! Great birth story! Welcome Olivia!
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great story and you made it through to the other side!
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Congradulations on the birth, second stage can be really difficult. I remember having a hard time when I had my son, but everything will work out.
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Yea!!! Thanks for sharing your story, you did a fantastic job!!!
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