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Is anybody else having any dizziness? I called my midwife on Friday morning because I was dizzy twice when I got up to go to the bathroom Thursday night and I thought something was wrong. She said it was normal. I never had any of it with either of the other two though.
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I'm used to dizziness in early pg but this time it is more severe and lasting longer. (17 wks) REALLY hope it doesn't last all pg. No idea why it is worse this time.
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I haven't heard of it before and can imagine how unsettling it is! Glad you were able to get an answer from your m/w. I suppose it probably doesn't make sense to always do this, but when I'd get dizzy from a fever, I'd sit up first for a minute and then stand up.
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i get dizzy all the time when i stand up; sometimes i even have to sit back down for a minute before trying again. mine is due to low blood pressure; the brain isn't getting enough blood/oxygen so it sends a message to your body that it needs help.
your blood pressure automatically drops when you move into an upright position but usually it recovers so quickly that symptoms are not felt. however, if you're blood pressure is low to start with or another system is "off" the adjustment might take just that little bit longer that you feel dizzy first. it's not necessarily a sign of anything bad, just a normal process that is adjusting with your new blood flow needs due to growing a baby.
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I get dizzy sometimes too or at least fuzzy in the head. I've found that what helps me out is to make sure I am hydrated. Whenever I let myself get even the least bit dehydrated, I can tell because my head goes all fuzzy.
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I get dizzy sometimes too, and like MO_Bookwyrm, it's definitely worse if I'm dehydrated or hungry. A piece of fruit, some nuts and a glass of water really makes a difference for me.
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yup i get dizzy regualy... my midwife says it's low blood pressure.... and I need to stay hydrated or it gets worse
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I get that too, even when I'm not pregnant. It's just from having low blood pressure. Orthostatic hypotension is the term I believe. For what it's worth, I think blood pressure in pregnancy tends to be lowest around 16-20 weeks (IIRC), so this should be the worst of it. Last pregnancy, I even fainted from standing up in a hot subway train at 16 weeks. That sucked, but everything was fine.
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I always have this too, but was also noticing an increase so I asked my mw...here is what she said...

"So, when you stand up quickly, an impressively large quantity of blood can flood into your calves and away fom your brain before the little valves have a chance to stop it. (The valve get loose and, well, a bit febile under the influence of pregnancy hormones). Standing up slowly gives the valves a chance to tone and slow the flow to your feet. And more blood stays with your brain. But even with a slow rising an impressive amount can slip into your ankles."
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I didn't know that about staying hydrated-that's been an ongoing struggle, but I'll try a bit harder to make sure that I am.
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I had it happen to me once with my DD, it was right at the end of the first trimester. I had a friend who had it happen frequently, and like another poster said, it was low blood pressure. The advice I remember was to drink a full glass of water before getting out of bed (she was getting dizzy upon rising).
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Sorry for hijacking the thread since I'm not preggers. But it could also be low blood sugar. It has happened to me with all of my pregnancies. I think if you make sure you are well nourished and well hydrated it should help. I always kept some fruit or nuts with me when I was out in case it happened then.
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I get really dizzy in my first tri, and then was dizzy again weeks 18-22 or so with my daughter. I think the second round of dizziness was from a big blood volume increase in the baby....hoping that its not as severe this time around!
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