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Balanced Boise Pediatrician?

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I am looking for a balanced, open-minded pediatrician/family practicioner in the Boise/Eagle area. Someone who is good with parents who chose not to vaccinate their kids!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We've recently moved from the West End of the valley where we had a great ped, and we're not having the best luck finding a new one.

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Dr. Gail Eberharter over on 27th and Bannock. Though we haven't discussed not vaccinating our baby, I know she's open to alternate vaccine schedules and is full of valuable information. I've found her to be the most balanced, well-researched doctor in town.
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Thank you so much! I'll check in to her. We had quite the lecture at urgent care the other day. It's just frustrating when trying to make decisions for ourselves, which seems to pit us against many in the medical establishment.

Thanks again for the suggestion!
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Thank you from me as well! Looking for the same- so glad to have a recommendation!
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bumping for more suggestions?  I need to find someone who takes Medicaid...

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Not sure on the Medicaid issue (you'll have to call) but Waj Nasser is very respectful of parental autonomy re: vaccines. 

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I'm in Caldwell, and I'm seeing Samantha Berg at the St. Alph clinic, and I hate it. I had to send my son to the doctor with his grandmother last week, and they gave him vaccines despite my explicit wish to delay his vaccinations, due to a very bad reaction with the first set. He got sick again, and I'm never going back there.

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Originally Posted by BubbyNShmee View Post

...they gave him vaccines despite my explicit wish to delay his vaccinations, 

That is so infuriating and sad, I'm sorry!  We went with Dr Butuk in Meridian, though we haven't seen him yet.

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If you're willing to consider a family doctor instead of a pediatrician, Waj Nasser at Capital City Family Medicine is very open-minded and alternative-friendly. He'll do delayed vaccinating and is receptive to natural or herbal options before pharmaceuticals. He's also not a doctor who resorts to antibiotics first thing, etc. The only down side to Waj is he is very popular, so it takes days to get an appointment with him. If you have an emergency situation, they have a walk-in service. I don't like their PAs nearly as well as Waj, but the rest of the practice is worth putting up with for him. Plus, I love being able to take my entire family to the same doctor and not have to deal with separate offices, etc. One of his partners is also a trained pediatrician who practices family medicine. I personally prefer Waj, but you might like the other doctor(s).


Bubby, you can sue their butts off, and file a complaint with the medical board. It is illegal for them to vaccinate your child against your wishes. I know the damage is done, but if you pursue it, you might be able to save other kids from their overbearing "help".


ETA: To my knowledge, CCFM will only take Medicaid if you were an existing patient who started using Medicaid. I tried to refer a friend to him years ago, and his office told her they didn't usually take Medicaid, except in those circumstances. That might have changed in the past years, so it couldn't hurt to call to ask.

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Originally Posted by Turquesa View Post

Not sure on the Medicaid issue (you'll have to call) but Waj Nasser is very respectful of parental autonomy re: vaccines. 

I just saw this, after my own recommendation for Waj. :-)


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I have to retract my recommendation for Waj Nasser. He has implemented the AAP policy of firing patients if they don't get all vaccines, on schedule. :-(

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I am a mother of 4 and now expecting my 5th I dont have a family doctor but the kids ped's doctor is out of Meridian Pediatrics Dr. Zieba 

and she is good with none or delayed I didnt start with any on my kids until last year my oldest child being 8 and my youngest being 2 1/2

and with child we as well will not be doing any for at least the first year... good luck

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Just some background information on why Dr. Nasser changed his vaccination policy.  A patient of his died from something that would have been prevented had the child been vaccinated.  Dr. Nasser didn't just decide to randomly change his policies.  Unfortunately, a child died.

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We see Dr. Butuk at Meridian Family Medicine. He is a family doctor however he sees a large amount of babies and kids. He even has 2 dedicated pediatric rooms. He has never pressured us to vaccinate and is very respectful of our choice. He did not even bat an eye an eye when I said that we were not going to vaccinate. Many of my "crunchy" friends who do not vaccinate also go here and are very happy. He is also great on not prescribing antibiotics unless they are necessary. He is aware of differences in breastfeed babies vs formula fed. We could not be happier with his office. 

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