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Boarding your dog?

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I have the sweetest dog in the world -- a middle sized mutt who is very very people focused, and not particularly interested in other dogs.

He used to attend a daycare that I loved, and occasionally boarded there as well, but we moved. The old daycare is now about 70 minutes away.

I have 2 trips coming up this month, and the timing is that he'd need to be in daycare Wed. evening through Monday evening, and then go back Thursday evening through the following Saturday evening. The distance and schedule of the old place would make it pretty impossible for me to get him Monday night or to bring him Thursday night so he'd need to stay there in the middle too, which would mean an extra $200. That's a lot for me right now so I'm researching other options, but I can't find a place I love as much -- can you tell me which ones of these things would bother you (and if I'm crazy to be bothered by them?)

1) Place 1 is Petsmart -- I don't like how much the dogs are crated. They are basically in crates, except for a walk in the a.m. and the p.m. from 5 p.m. until 9 a.m. the next day, and then for a 2 hour nap midday (this is if you pay for daycare). This seems like a LOT of alone time. Also, I was in there once and heard the owner of a GSD tell the daycare lady "if he bites again . . . " Umm, shouldn't it be one bite and you're out? I asked and they told me the other dog was being "annoying" for a long time and "asked for it". Finally, my dog doesn't run into this place like he did the old place (he's gone there for daycare), although he doesn't seem scared either.

2) Place 2 is the one my friend swears by. I went and it seemed OK, but they told me that there's noone onsite overnight (7 to 7) and all day Sunday (the owner comes in for 4 walks on Sunday, but there's no staff other than that). The old place they even had staff who slept right in the room with the dogs, and I actually know that my dog often slept in bed with the staff. This seems like it would be lonely for him. He's never been there except for the temperament test.

3) Place 3 he's gone to before, they don't separate by size at all, and when I get him back he's like a limp rag, just exhausted. I think that he just can't relax around the bigger dogs, he's too nervous, so he's up and running around all day. At the old place they put him in the little dog room, and I'd come pick him up and he'd be curled up happily in a bed in the playroon, he'd be tired but happy tired, like a kid who had fun a the park. Also, he doesn't run happily into this place either. I really like the owner here, and the schedule is good for him, but I worry about how tired he gets.

I'm starting to feel super picky -- so would you keep looking? If not, which one would you pick?
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I don't know that I'd board at any of the places you mentioned; I'm a picky one too. If you want to pm me your location I might be able to offer suggestions.

I recently moved and found that talking to the people at local independent pet supply places gave me a few very good leads. Do you have any places like that you could call for more ideas?

I've heard good things about two chains that you might have nearby: Camp Bow Wow and Best Friends Pet Care. Obviously you'd want to check any local places out, but it might be another place to look into.
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Your vet can also be a great place to get suggestions of good boarding options.

I don't really like any 3 of your choices. Do you have any services that would come to your house to take care of him?
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