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she's writing!

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yeah yeah, I was not supposed to worry all the time when she was not writing, but can I celebrate now that she is?

At age 5 or so she started writing a few letters and numbers but then showed no more interest. Only if I tried to make it fun she would practice a bit of writing here and there. It was very slow, very few and far between. Enter dh and his worries that at age 6 she is still not writing all the letters, etc. But she made clear that she did not like to write.

Finally I learned not to make an issue of it (sort of - I still figured out what motivated her to write - grocery lists - and arranged things so that she had a chance to make them before we went out).

A couple of months ago she surprised (stunned) me by saying "I like to write now." I appreciated it but did not "encourage" any more writing activities. (Not that I did not notice everytime she wrote something.)
And yesterday all on her own, she wrote a "play" of 2 pages.

She is 7 now - not all that late for writing, but still ... shows how needlessly I worried.
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Good for you. Now I need to figure out how to motivate my almost eight year old who still can't write. Sigh.
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Hi Pookietooth! :hi

We are slowly and steadily getting there. Some good suggestions are in this thread: How to get her to read and write?

but i guess one also has to be patient.
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Pookietooth will she write out grocery lists, or other list type things to help? My daughter is younger but I have found that when she was not interested in writing and I was hoping to see some practice she was all for it if I asked her to write out a list if I was busy. What about incorporating some writing into games? Playing store or veterinary office or whatever might include writing out receipts prescriptions etc... just enough for some practice not too much to become laborious.

Nice to see you, how's your little one?
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