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Tantrums when changing clothes

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DS is 2 yrs old and just has a fit when it's time to take off his jammies in the morning. He screams and runs from me every single morning. I've tried letting him pick out his clothes, but he has no interest. I've tried letting him pick from 2 different shirts...no interest.

This morning he took the shirt I picked out for him and openned the dresser drawer and put it back, then said "No, mommy". So, I just powered through the kicking and screaming and changed his clothes.

There has got to be a better way.....any ideas?
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Time. For us, letting DS (2.5 yrs) get dressed gradually helps. So I start trying as soon as he gets up. I've also discovered recently that letting him dress himself yields some success. Of course, I'm helping him through it all the while saying, "You did it!", fastening buttons halfway & letting him push through, or holding the shirt hole open while he pulls it over his head, etc.

It doesn't work every day, but I've come to learn if I let him do it at his own pace (whenever is realistic for you to let him), he eventually gets all his clothes on before we walk out the door.
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My DD (almost 2) has some issues with this as well. What has worked for us is telling her that the shirt is dirty and letting her throw it into the laundry basket. But that's generally the only way to get her to change her clothes. Now whenever its time to take off any article of clothing she says its dirty. However she is slightly obsessed with cleaning (wiping counters, throwing away garbage, washing dishes). Its a little weird, especially b/c while we are fairly clean it is not the hugest priority in our house. My DH jokes that my daughter rinses her dishes better than I do.
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