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Disclaimer- I'm always a few days behind, because I have to watch on Hulu when I get time. So if any of what I say was addressed this week, sorry! I'll catch up soon!

Originally Posted by babygirlie View Post
Ok I know this is SO last year but it's been bugging me. Colby was in deep with his then gf.. planning on a baby and marriage and was willing to make a in 3 years time thing with her... what the heck ever happened to HER?? And how did he go from a semi sleezeball to this perfect dad?
I think maybe the concept is that he really got his sh!t together after becoming a dad. He still has some growing up to do (but hey, *i* still have some growing up to do!), but I was so happy to see him stand up for himself. I have the feeling that Jasmine's family may still have some resentment toward him left over from when they thought he disappeared on them. Plus the grandmother's obvious misplaced resentment based on her own husband.

Originally Posted by Masel View Post
I know it's hard to separate Lorelie and Sarah sometimes but the GG epi where they go to the Bangles concert aired right around when this concert thing happened. Anyway, it really emphasized the difference in the two characters for me. I think Lauren is going a great job of negotiationg our expectations from Gilmore Girls in creating a new character. Obviously, there stuff she can't change. She looks the same and has a teen daughter but other than that he's rocking it.
Hahah, I had the same thought about the Bangles concert! I think that the Sarah character is removed from the Lorelai character by way of the daughters. Amber is SO different from Rory. Also, the Sarah character is needy in a different way, more unsure of herself.

Originally Posted by indigolilybear View Post
I am watching too...

I hurt watching Adam's character....he's such a great actor and they give him the most dull stuff to work with. Don't like Kristina, HATE Julia (I actually just tink I don't like the actress either that much....)

I too miss the teen stuff...that's the best/most touching to me.....I like Sarah most of the time but I actually think she is fairly Lorelei-like. but that's okay wtih me I guess....

I LOVE Crosby but I think they are working up to him demanding more even at the risk of his romantic relationship with Jasmine...I think he's getting walked on but is taking it because he values the "family" but I think he's going to have to stand up to her and demand more as a father....at least I hope he does...I think they were also hinting about him and Minka Kelly's character as a possible romantic match....though I like Jasmine more, I think he deserves more....
I really don't want to see any romantic things happen with Max's teacher (therapist? what's the term for her?). I don't mind a bit of tension, but I don't want to see him screw up and cheat on Jasmine. If he and Jasmine break up (and I think they will) then I have no real problem with him and the teacher, but it would, of course create drama (but, the show is a drama, so it's bound to happen)

Originally Posted by lunamama View Post
I think Amber and her new friend will come out as being girlfriends soon. I just really caught that vibe last episode.

I am loving season 2 so far!!!
I had that same thought!!! But I thought I was over-thinking it. Then again, I think about my relationships at that age. I'm straight, but there is something *different* about highschool friendships between girls. The lines are more blurry than they tend to be as we get older.
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This is my favorite show on tv. I can't get enough of it!
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Oh the halloween episode was really good.
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I love this show. I finished season 1 last week and am finally caught up with the current season.

I love Crosby. Sarah is so insecure and annoying though. I prefer her with the guy who works in the shoe warehouse.He seemed to really like her. I don't think things will end well with the Billy Baldwin character.

Amber has really grown since the first season.
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We're enjoying this show too. It is hard to differentiate between Gilmore Girls and this show just because we've been obsessed with GG for SO LONG. lol I'm just glad to see Lauren Graham again on a regular basis. She's such an amazing actress!

We loved the Halloween episode too. It was nice to see Max have a big victory and the moments between the couples over raiding Halloween candy were really cute!
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Loved the Halloween episode! This is becoming one of my favorite TV shows. Which says a lot because I usually watch a lot of sci-fi shows LOL

I like how realistic it is, especially that the main family is not overly traditional and certainly not perfect. It has regular family drama, not insane drama like someone getting stalked/kidnapped, everyone having affairs and all the teens on drugs/arrested/pregnant. Most shows would like us to believe that's how we all live LOL

Nope, some parents really are hardworking or overprotective or going to counseling. And some teens are shy or studious or quirky.

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BUMP for season 3! anyone still watching?

I watched the pilot ep when it came out a few years ago but I didn't get into it. Just got back around to watching and I am hooked! What on earth did we do before netflix/hulu to catch up? just miss an episode? unacceptable!

I don't like the gap of time between the end of season 2 and the start of season 3. I hope they address what happened with Jasmine and Crosby during that time. When we left off Joel told him to "try again," and he was showing her the house , and then all of the sudden he has a "special friend"?

I was sick to my stomach over the whole Haddie/Alex pressing charges issue.. I really enjoy his character but I totally get why he needed to take a break from her. I hope they get back together!
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Anyone know who covers the Grease song in S3 E9 (Sore Loser)- it plays right around 19:00 when Amy and Drew are outside kissing
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I'm watching! It seems that letting time lapse between seasons is a new trend, they have done it on a few other shows this season. I like they actually show baby Nora in the show, it makes things so unrealistic on shows where a main character has had a baby but then you rarely see the baby, or they are holding a doll completely covered with blankets and a hat. I think the portrayal of Max's challenges is spot on. It did seem to me like Haddie and Alex needed a break, they are so young and their relationship was already so serious. Amber seems to really be growing up and realizing what the real world is about. 

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Love this show! I am not sure they have much of a choice in jumping several months between seasons. There are too many various aged kids (actors) on this show, that are growing up fast. For shows to keep a steady timeline they usually get different actors to play the kids as they age. And that would be aweful for a show like this.


I love the teens on this show, especially as they related to the grandparents.

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Yeah i get that the kids age during the breaks but the adults don't.. they could come up with some clever tricks to keep us updated when big things have happened.. I love the teens and their grandparents. Does anyone else find it a little odd when Zeke calls the kids "grandson" or "granddaughter" instead of their names? I guess i have never heard that IRL and it seems a little awkward.
Zeke seems like he might have some Aspergers issues too.. maybe just crotchety old man but a lot of his social cues seem pretty off. Not sure if that is intentional. Remember the show Coach that Craig T. Nelson used to be on? Camille sort of reminds me of Christine, his wife on that show.

I'm bummed that I watched all the old episodes, now I have to wait for more!
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I don't get Crosby .He bought that stupid house to try to get Jasmine back and now he's acting like maybe he doesn't even want to be with her? Is he just trying to protect her from losing Dr. Joe? Also, had neither one of them ever seen friends? THEY WERE ON A BREAK! lol.gif
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