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Has anyone turned the heat on yet? I live in central New England and am trying to wait as long as possible! How cold does it need to get for you to turn it on?
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We turned ours on last night. We've had several cool nights but yesterday I was cold in the middle of the afternoon - took that as a sign and turned on the heat to warm it up two degrees. Felt so much better afterwards
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I had the heat on one day a couple weeks ago, but that's the only time so far, it's still been pretty warm during the days here.
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If it's 14C (57 F or so) in the house when I get up and I know that it won't warm up during the day, I turn it on. So far so good, though we've had a couple of close calls. Nights have been near freezing here for a few weeks, so I know I'll turn the heat on soon.
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Heat? No....

Today was the first day we haven't needed to run the AC! We probably won't need to turn on the heat for at least another month, maybe two.
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Still have the A/C running here. I am not looking forward to it getting cooler and having to use the heat.
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I'm in Central MA too the lowest our house has gotten is 68 and we haven't turned the heat on yet....hoping to go a few more weeks!
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Another New Englander here! Hoping to hold out until Nov 1!
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I'm in Ontario and still sleep with our bedroom window open a crack and a fan on low. We'll probably quit the fan and close the window soon, but I'd like to try to make it to December 1 without turning the heat on if I can. Obviously, if it's too cold before then I will put it on, but we live in an apartment building and the sun is on our side of the building nearly all day, so our place stays relatively warm throughout fall.
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We also still have the A/C running.
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I considered it this morning when, passing the thermostat, I saw that it read 67 degrees. I thought to myself that I will have to remind myself later this winter, that 67 degrees is not that cold. Since I recall waking to 64 degrees or so last winter and thinking I was freezing!
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We pulled out the space heaters last night, it got into the low 30's. I don't want to turn the furnace on yet though.
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We didn't use the heat at all last year and we don't have air-conditioning. One of the perks of living in San Diego is the climate. It gets cool (32+ in the wee hours in "winter") and it gets hot (over 100 degrees expected today in my zip code), but the extremes are relatively short-lived and we make do and adapt.
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I literally just turned the AC off today. It was in the 90s all last week and most of the weekend. It's supposed to be cooler this week, but I don't think we'll be turning on the heat for another month, at least.
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Yesterday was the first day that we turned the A/C off. It was 64* in the house last night. Hopefully we can wait another month before we have to turn on the heat.
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I'm in Old England, and yes, yesterday The house smells cozy now.

I did actually have to turn it on one day in the summer too.
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we haven't even thought about turning the heat on yet...yesterday was the first day that the air conditioner wasn't running ALL DAY LONG. To answer your question though...I'm a southern girl that cannot stand to be cold so if the house temp is below 67-68 the heat is coming on
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We are getting our pellets delivered next Monday (we have a pellet stove) and I can't wait

I LOVE having a warm toasty house and with pellets it is a lot cheaper than when we just had gas heat. I'm so excited for warm snuggly nights by the fire with my family

I live in Vermont so i know what you mean about needing heat
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I'm in Wisconsin. The temperature in the house has been down to 66 in the house in the morning, but then goes up during the day. So no heat yet.
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I wish I needed the heat

I haven't missed not having an air conditioner in Los Angeles all summer...until TODAY. It's 108 degrees outside!!! ...and 85 in my apartment
I guess it's our karma for having such a mild summer.
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