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Off-grid in the city

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Wondering if any of you has done it? Or maybe you know of resources -- links, books, etc.

Most of the blogs and books I have read don't seem to be from the POV of a parent with young kids. I'd love to network with other families that made the transition -- and can talk about how.

I think our biggest challenge will be either going solar or foregoing A/C in the brutal summer heat!
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The documentary "No Impact Man" addresses this. Check it out!
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We are living right outside Manhattan and by no means are off-grind, but I suppose we kind of could if we put our minds to it.

We have a cliff in the back that's completely irrigated and currently has: raspberries & blackberries, fig, pear and peach trees, tomatoes, herbs etc growing on it. Plus in our small narrow yard we have another peach tree, tomatoes, zucchini and other things growing in our garden. I was really having an awful pregnancy so this year we didn't get to do much, but still had a decent amount of produce for very little output.

I like the idea of being a bit off-grid, but I think in the city you can get a real sense of community, which is neat. I too haven't read any books about doing this with small kids though, someone should write one if there isn't one out there!
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