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Tremor, Seizure or Other?

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Before I start, I *did* call the ped. on this one as well.

This morning while nursing my 4 mth old DS he started shaking--upper body (arms on up). It lasted less than a minute and he did not break his latch, cont'd nursing then fell asleep on me. I called the doctor, he woke up a little, resumed nursing and did a lesser version of the same shaking. While shaking, I held his arms but that did not stop it. After, he came off breast, looking alertly at me and smiling. There have been no other changes in him in any way. He has been extremely alert and active since birth--tracked very early and rolled bsck to tummy consistently at 11 wks. I say this because the ped is sure it was not a seizure but normal newborn tremors due to undeveloped nervous system. I just think it's odd I'd be seeing this now for the first time at 4 mths. Yet if it had been a seizure, it seems like it would be hard to maintain nursing the way DS did.

Any thoughts?
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The same exact thing happened with my youngest ds when he was pretty much the same age. I wondered the same as you, if it was typical newborn tremors why was it just starting now? My ped said if he was actively nursing it was definitely not a seizure, and he was always actively nursing. It did happen a few more times over the course of the next couple months, always while nursing, and almost always when he was a little overtired. It would last less than a minute, and then he would fall asleep. I had to chalk it up to an immature nervous system because there didn't seem to be another explanation. He's 14 months now and it's been several months since it last happened.
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Thank you, MrsGraffy, for sharing. Your response provided some comfort for sure.

Anyone else have any experience with this?
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I don't have experiience with infant seizures, but I do have experience with my 5yoand if it makes you feel any better he could not have nursed while having a seizure, his jaw locked down very tightly. Also, in my understanding seizures are generally the whole body or one side of the body.
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My LO does this little shudder thing that lasts like a really long time and moves up her body like that. She has been doing it since about 2 months (almost 9 months now). I just figure she is cold or has a little shiver but I remember being concerned the first time it happened. But she is fine, continues to do it once in a while and hasn't had any issues.
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