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2nd Trimester Party!!

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Who's in the 2nd trimester???
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pick me, pick me!
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Me too!
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So when does it officially start?? Is it the last day of your 11th week? Woohoo!!!
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really??? I thought it started at week 14? Well shoot! I'm in my 2nd trimester!!!!! YahooO!!!!!
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It depends on what sourse you look at as to when t he 2nd trimester officially begins. Some say 12 weeks, some say 14. One that I saw even said that it was 13w2d.

I am 12w5d, so I'm in that range somewhere. I think I'm going to wait until 14 weeks to call official for me.
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I have a pregnancy ticker ap on my phone and it says what week you are and what trimester. Last Friday (12 weeks) it said 2nd Trimester. But I was planning on going with 13 weeks but whatever we are all right in there so I'll join the party. I love a good party and I can't think of a better reason (except maybe 3rd trimester!)

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MnMtm, we have the same due date

I've already been telling people that I'm in my second trimester, so I'm going to stick with that. I'm 12w5d.

Yay second trimester party!!
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Yea, I'm going for it!! :two thumbs Bye, bye...
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Sign me up! I'm 12 weeks today! Woot!
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Me, too! I was debating whether it was 13w or 14w. Today, I'm 13w4d which is good enough for me. Bring on the second trimester!!!
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Me too!
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I'm 12 weeks today tooo....whoot whoot
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Almost, I count it between 13-14 weeks and I'm 12. But I know many books say 12 is the start of the 2nd tri. Still waiting for that energy to come back.
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I feel like I'm cheating to post here, because my EDD is March 28th, but I just have a feeling this will be an April baby. Anyway, I'm 14 weeks and one day. Yay!
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This is week 14 for me which puts me in the beginning of the second trimester also. Are the next two going to go as fast as the first one did?
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14 weeks on Friday, so I'm definitely counting myself as THERE!!
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Originally Posted by Ola_ View Post
Are the next two going to go as fast as the first one did?
I KNOW!! It's so funny how when you first find out everything seems so uncertain and slow...the next thing you know, you're 12 weeks. Very strange.
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Me too! 14 weeks tomorrow!!!
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According to the MDC newsletter we are in the 2nd trimester starting at week 13 (12 weeks). Yippie!!
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