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13 wks today.

It's strange how it feels like SUCH a mile stone. And I haven't even done anything! lol!
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Week 13 on Wednesday!!
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Guess what, Mamas?!?! I think I tasted a bit of that 2nd trimester energy today!!! I was still a bit nauseous but felt a bit of the nesting drive and PAINTED! Yippie! My house is in desperate need of some of that nesting energy.
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15 weeks, so i am safely in the zone no matter what zone we're talking about i can physically tell, fo sho
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just saw the midwife wednesday and confusion was all cleared up, no sonogram necessary... 15 weeks along and all is well!

now i just have to tell work. and soon. getting kinda hard to hide.
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13w5d today... and yeah, I am starting to get glimpses of energy and a few not-sick moments here and there... YEAH!
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Fertility Friend has just declared that I am in the second trimester. I don't believe it - I still feel super-yucky!
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12 weeks today, and finally *knock on wood* starting to feel better. yay!!
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Well I was 12 weeks yesterday so I guess I get to join the party too! I`m finally starting to feel better... yay for the second trimester!
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I think I may have 2nd trimester insomnia...
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I'm in!
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Me. Now I am just waiting for the energy and clearer skin I have had in the second tri in my other pgs.
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I'm 12w3d today but for some reason I feel like I won't hit the second tri until 13. Don't know why I keep thinking that way!
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13w4d and its like I'm not even pregnant. It's so wierd. I've gone out for a run twice this week and went to spin class last night. I still fall asleep at like 9:30 every night, though. But thats okay. I am SO loving the 2nd trimester!!
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SC, that's the BEST thing I've read all day!!! If I'm going to follow in your footsteps I've got 4 days till bliss!!
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I'm in. I've never read so many differing times for 2nd tri to start. I always thought it was a few days into 12 weeks.
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this calculator will calculate the 3 different "second trimester" dates, depending on what method you're using to assign trimester http://www.baby2see.com/trimester_calculator.html
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I have longed to join you - and now I may!
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I take the most conservative approach to the trimesters and I'm 14 weeks today - so in the the second tri no matter who you ask!
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me too me too !! 14 weeks tomorrow!!
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