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Is this SPD?

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For the past week i have had the most incredible pain in my pelvis, the pain is nowhere else though.

I have never had spd but wonder if this is it?

Should I be worried, what can I do to help the pain.

I want to cry, Im only 25 weeks, DH has only been home for two weeks and goes away next week for another month. I am still working, full time shift work and have minimal help with my two kids so im so worried about how im going to manage another month all that crap and the pain that I am in.
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hug honey, where in your pelvis? i was having it spring up, whatever it was, right in front where the two sides jion nad was really sucsessful at getting to to go away, i can give details if that is where you are having trouble with.

i also had a week of it hurting in the rear on the side where my tailbone and my pelvis meet, and learned to make that go away too
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The pain is mostly in the right side of my pelvis/va jay-jay area, almost where it meets my inner thigh.

Im hoping that I just pulled a muscle but its doubtful, not quite sure how you can pull a va jay-jay muscle!!
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Sorry to be the bad news bear...I think that's what you have.

I had this with ds and it sucks! Warm baths and as much rest as you can. Chiro can help a little too.
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Originally Posted by •Adorkable• View Post
hug honey, where in your pelvis? i was having it spring up, whatever it was, right in front where the two sides jion nad was really sucsessful at getting to to go away, i can give details if that is where you are having trouble with.

i also had a week of it hurting in the rear on the side where my tailbone and my pelvis meet, and learned to make that go away too
I'd love to hear details on ow you relieved the pain in the front! I just started having this the past few days. I thought maybe it was from just over doing it since I've been packing like crazy and moving/lifting more boxes than I probably should. It got really bad last night to the point that I could barely stand up straight, it still hurts this morning but not quite as bad. This morning I also have some pain in my hips. Hopefully once the move is over this week I can get some better rest and not work so hard!
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Yes, Adorkable, please give details! I've been dealing with this lately too, especially after sitting down for awhile.
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Oh my.I guess this is what I am having. I was chalking up to RLP, but its not really going away. And when I sit for a while, ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just cry with it. Its not constant, but when its there, its there for most of the day/s. It onlly goes away when I do absolutely nothing at all for days. Which is impossible, obviously. Please share your secrets with us!!
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i'm pretty sure i've got some SPD going on too. i've had both sacroiliacs loosen up REALLY EARLY this time around. the right one's prone to trouble anyway because my right leg is significantly longer than my left, but then the left side started to get loose too, and had both sciatic nerves act up.

so then last week, i felt this very odd ripping feeling right where the pubic symphasis is.. it literally felt like the two bones pulled apart a little, and it sent pain down either side of the pubis. not fun!

haven't figured out how to make it not hurt. i may have to waddle up to a chiropractor and tell him to put me back together..
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well i had two issues at two differnt times

first one was in the rear of the pelvis,
this was very very sharp and could just freeze me in my tracks
it was the SI joint right in the side of were the tailbone ataches to the pelvis, it would just kill me if i laid on the back for any abount of time, specially if i was laying reclined rather than sitting striaght up or laying perfectly flat (though the falt still hurt) it seemed to just hurt when i went to moved out of hte position. it seemed like it even sucked my strength to move out o the bad position from me, was really scarry

for this rear issue i found getting face down on all fours and then spreading my knees apart as far as was totally confortable and having dh press or rub on the area a bit, really helped a ton, or even just staying like that for a while, u could just lay down my top half and settle in with my knees spred and my but in the air. i avoided the issue by avoiding being in a low reclinded postion, like half sitting half laying on pillows that i would have a habit of getting into when reading in bed.

Now later on i had a issue right in the front
this was dull and throb, almost like a very bad bruise but clearly in that bone or cartilage, like the after effect of a bad bone briuse on a shin
and i think what i was doing to help the rear would not work for me anymore cause it might bother the front, thankfully i did not half both at once.
my recent issue was clearly in my pubic symphysis and was really scaring me that it was here to stay since it was a nearly 24hour issue. nothing seemed to set it off.
so after reading i got really big on keeping my pelvis square, sitting really straight, sitting down and leaning over to put pants on rather than lifting legs while i was standing. i also had to change the way i was sleeping, i usually had slept on my side leaning to my front and with one leg kinda jackknifed up, i bit like the letter "h", i read that being in positions that tilted your pelvis , specially for long periods was one of the issue, so i put a pillow between my knees and worked hard to keep my knees at the same level as each other, so more on my side and both legs bent up or straight down depending on how i felt., avoided stairs like the plague, and sadly stopped sitting in any thing that looked like crossed legs or lotus.

low and behold 2-3 days later it is 98% gone, it may have taken longer if i had not caught it so quick, but i'm now just doing the same thing but not as obsessively. it seems to be keeping it gone and i feel good that i will be as stringent as i need at any particular time depending on if i can feel anything going on.

anyway that is what was happening and worked for me, YMMV
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I'm joining in here. It's terrible pain, I've never had it before with my previous pregnancy. It started since 5th month and it doesn't go away. I've noticed in the morning it feels way better, I guess because I have rested. But by the end of the day gets really bad. I can't close my legs litterally and it feels like I'm bruised down there. I thought at first it's the pelvis, but now I know... 3 more months to go
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Yep thats exactly how it feels like a huge bruise. I consciously slept with my knees/legs at the same angle as each other with my pillow between them and for the first time in a week I slept without pain. I also made sure that i sat down to put underwear, pants and socks on.
I am still incredibly uncomfortable but less so than a few days ago so i hope with these home remedies i can be comfortable for the next few months!!
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I've had good luck releaving hip and knee joint pain *last* pregnancy with child's pose and 'butterfly' stretches... but just doesn't work as well the second time around.

I'm sorry you are going through this!
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This is my second pregnancy (my first is now 17 months old), and I've been feeling this way since 20-something weeks. I am now 29 1/2 weeks pregnant. I thought it was just ligaments stretching at first, but as time went on, it became more apparent it became that it's not "stretching".


I can't roll over out of bed at night to go to the bathroom without feeling horrible pain in my pelvis and hips. I sleep with a pillow between my knees which helps a little bit, but not enough. I don't think it's normal for pelvis bones to actually pop or snap every time you wake up in the morning. I tried to do a cat pose this morning to help it and it sounded like I was a 90 year old with hip problems.

I haven't been officially diagnosed with this, but I'm almost positive that I have SPD. There's nothing else that can explain this pain!


I know how you feel, Mumma Cop. Hang in there.


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I had with my last pregnancy, and this one, and a good chiropractor has made a TON of difference for me. The difference between being able to walk the stairs or not, and being able to roll over in bed without feeling like the two halves of my pelvis were ripping apart! I know chiro care is a hassle (for me anyway) and cost money, but even though it is a big expenditure for us it has been totally worth it.. .because without it I am not even functional.

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