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How Much for In Home Child Care?

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Rates probably vary from region to region, so I wanted to ask the South Jersey/Philadelphia residents what you thought was reasonable for one on one in home child care.

I'm thinking $10/hour for taking care of an 18 month old child. Is this too much? Too little?
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That is right in the ball park, depending on the exact area and all the particulars. Might be a little high for some situations.
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$3/hour max(west coast) and i've seen even lower.
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NE Philly we paid $175 a week for full time care. It was my son and the care givers daughter. I think you might be better off in offering a flat rate fee for a week or day as opposed to an hourly rate.
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That makes sense, Moobie. Thanks!
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We just started our daughter in in-home care. We take her to the babysitter's house, 4 days a week and pay $200/week. she has 2 of her own kids there, too. It's a little high, but she's someone we trust, and she's family, so we didn't feel like negotiating. I would have preferred $150, and think that's reasonable, given that it's at her home, with her 2 kids there already, and it's only 4 days/week from 8-5.
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Depends if someone is coming to your home (which is a nanny) or you are taking child to someone else's home where the person is watching other children. That is in home day care, technically I guess.

For a nanny, you pay hourly - for sure. I did it for over 3 year and was paid $16/hr. outside of the city for two boys, older than toddlers, attending preschools and activities, etc. I was paid pretty well, I've heard other nannies making as little as $10/hr though, too. It depends on lots of factors I guess.

For in home day care in the area, for a full day - runs between $30-60/day from what I know, depending on experience, how many other kids, etc.

$3/hr? Are you kidding me? Who in their right mind would work for that? That is insane. Taking care of children is HARD work, especially when you are doing it right.
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I pay $35/day for two women to watch my daughter, along with several other children they watch. They're not a licensed DCP.

For ideas about in your home, if that's what you mean, you could check Craigslist ads. I looked there and quickly figured out that I couldn't afford care in my home!
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