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Asthma, Wheezing, Treatments and Infants

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Hello - I have an 8 month old DD who since birth has been "wheezy". When she gets a cold it is really bad and our most recent virus landed her in the hospital for 48 hours on breathing treatments and steroids. She is doing much better but is still croupy and coughing.

My pediatrician wants to start her on a daily inhaled steroid medication (using the nebulizer). I'm really torn on what to do and am researching. She's only 8 months and to put her on a steroid seems insane to me but I also want to do whats best for her.

I'm looking for other parents who have dealt with similar situations with their children and what treatments they did, any noticed side effects or benefits, alternative treatments etc.

My ped. is not recommending allergy testing as he does not believe it's environmental.

I would really appreciate any guidance!

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Hello, I'm so sorry that you are going through this with your DD. My DS went through many respiratory problems in his first year of life, basically spent the entire winter sick and wheezing. He was hospitalized with bronchiolitis as well as steroid medication (oral) a few times for wheezing that would not go away after colds. He was on a nebulizer with inhaled steroids daily for a few months.

In my DS's case, I took him to a naturopath and he had many food allergies/intolerances (he was even reacting to foods I ate through breastmilk before I stopped, then to the formulas). I also took him to cranial sacral therapy. All of these things took a while, but it gradually helped and he is no longer wheezing and has been off his nebulizer since start of summer. The naturopath helped with homeopathic remedies and natural supplements to boost the immune system (also antiviral stuff) and the cranial sacral therapy helped with general structural and drainage issues (he was going for other issues as well). I'm not saying this is the answer for you, but just wanted to share my story. It is scary to see a little one wheezing (though DS often acted fine except for his breathing) and I was also very hesitant to do the daily nebulizer. But I did use it for a while I worked with the naturopath and the cranio sacral therapist because I didn't want him to end up in the hospital again. I'm hoping that the wheezing will not come back this winter (he has been sick in the summer but no wheezing).
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We also had to have DS on pulmicort in the neb and albuterol for awhile until we figured out his triggers. I was on meds young as well. I think it's better to start here and research other things instead of just putting it off. See how he does and if it doesn't help, or doesn't help as much as you want, then stop and try something else. I'd also ask for a referral to a pulmonologist now rather than later.

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