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send me good juju plz...

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Having a follow up u/s tomorrow and I really really want to know what Bug is. I'm hoping that finding out will make this more real to DP and help us get a lil bit closer and also give me a bit of joy . This is his first pregnancy and my 3rd, 1 dd age 7,1 loss in 2004 with dd's bio(who I refer to as a sperm donor tho only out of her hearing becuz he has never done anything for her or been anything to her but that's another thread lol) and now my 3rd and this time around things have been very hard. Hyperemesis, spotting scares, severe migraine not to mention the regular changes associated with being preggo and now I'm starting to feel depression creeping in.. totally went off on a tangent but basically I'm just hoping and praying that baby cooperates so we can have a lil bit better connection with the Bug who is making its momma and daddy worry so much so any happy thots prayers and mono would be greatly appreciated!!
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Best of luck tomorrow. I hope you have a cooperative and healthy little one in there.
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Hoping that you get the news you want !
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best of luck I hope tings go well
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Sending you positive vibes! Hope that tomorrow the little bug is cooperative and helps bring you and DP joy!
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Thanks gals!! I really need it!! 1st one was so disappointing, becuz I was really hoping to have a bonding moment for myself DP and dd as we r blended family. Plus being so sick from so early on it was the ray of light I was holding onto. I am almost dreading going in the am becuz I know I will be devastated if Bug doesn't cooperate. I apologize for my grammar and spelling in advance as I am on my phone. Hoping to join team blue tomorrow thanks for the love ladies!!!
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Soo, I have to ask, did the baby coorperate??
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