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News on louis?

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I remember she was in labor about a week ago perhaps and then I haven't heard anything. Did I miss something? Louis, if you're out there in babymoon land, give us an update. Thinking of you!
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Aw Crafty, thanks for checking on me. I updated my post with news that baby was born and she's a girl! We had Ellis Mae September 15th at home. Since then, I have been scrambling with figuring out how to handle life with a newborn. Mothering has just fallen by the wayside, which makes me a little sad, so I happened to check out our ddc out tonight while Ellis is napping next to me.

I cannot believe how hard this all is. She is healthy and all, and I am doing well. But I am having some rough baby blues right now. ugh. I don't do well with change and this has all been a huge change.

But while I am here, here are a few photos. I am working on writing her birth story up and hope to get it done tomorrow, but it will be our second solo day together, so who knows how productive I will be. Today I accomplished so little, but we did have to go get her hearing screening done and getting out the door with a newborn is quite a challenge.

Baby Ellis

mom and baby
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Congrats! Welcome baby!!! Sorry you are having a hard time. I did with DD1 too. It took me a while to really get back to normal. Sunshine helped me, as did getting out and getting fresh air and some movement.

Good luck and hugs mama.
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s to you, louis!

The first one is a shocker. It's such a life adjustment! Don't feel bad for feeling down and overwhelmed...it just is what it is. And heck yeah on the time it takes to get a newborn (or any young child) out of the house. I remember I used to avoid errands or going out because it just boggled my mind how long it took to get things ready, get them dressed, get them in the carseat, then out again at the store......at the time it felt like an eternity, but now it's just the normal pace of life. You'll get used to it.

Getting out on walks helped me a ton, too. Even if it was just around the block. It's also good if you CAN get out and do errands, or go sit at a coffee shop while baby naps in the sling/carseat/carrier. With just one, you can still go out to restaurants, book stores, libraries, etc. If you're up to it, just dive in to being out there and active again. Hiking with a newborn is wonderful. Life will start to feel normal again soon, I promise.
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Yay Louis! Congrats Mama on beautiful Ellis! Now that you refresh my memory, I may have read your update when she was born. I guess we're all crazy as Betsy bugs now!

I'm sorry you're feeling overwhelmed! It's been an adjustment for us too, especially my husband. I think my perspective is anything is better than my God-awful pregnancy, but the newness of the mommy stuff is a lot. Thinking of you, my friend and wishing you sunny skies ahead!
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