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Where are my late Oct due data mamas?

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With all of these baby springing up, I wanted to see who else will be sticking around for a while?

How are you feeling? Where are you on your to do lists? Anybody else feel like they have forever to go?

My guess date is 10/27. The SPD is kicking my butt and running after my toddler isn't helping. My to do list is a mile long. I really need to start working on it.
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I am due the 14th but I am planning on more of the end of October. I was 10 days late with my first. I have to admit though, I am slightly jealous of everyone who is having their babies now. I am just getting anxious to meet this little one!
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I'm due Oct 31. Will be here a while. Love reading the birth stories!
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I'm due the 22nd but since I went to 41 weeks and 1 day with DS, I won't be terribly shocked if it's closer to Halloween.

Although I did have a midwife appointment today and am measuring about a week ahead, so who knows! I would love to have my baby sooner than later.
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I'm due the 19th - no clue when I'll go since ds was a preemie and I had him at 34 weeks. I'm 37 weeks today.

I'm very ready to meet this little guy - and to be honest, get him out of me! I feel huge, I pee every hour at night (no joke), my feet and ankles are swelling for the first time this pregnancy and I'm just ... ready. But I have the disctinct feeling it's going to be a few more weeks.

We are totally ready - everything is washed and put away, we have everything we need. I even installed the carseat last weekend and it's ready to do. We just need our baby.

My guess right now is around my B'day, Oct 11th. Maybe wishful thinking, but it's keeping me going for now.
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It's so exciting seeing all these October babies born!
I'm due 10/10/10 but was 11 and 6 days late with my others and I'm guessing I'll be late with this.. so mabye mid-late October. Still hanging in there! I've done sooooo much though as far as completing all the many projects I wanted to complete, so although I keep coming up with new ones, I feel ready. Though a few days ago I decided I'd go for a water birth so I'm still waiting on the liner to come in and I need to pick up the tub from a friend.
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I'm due the 9th, but my first 3 were all 7-11 days over due, so I expect to be pregnant for a few more weeks, unfortunately!!
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I'm due October 19th, but I feel like I will have him/her around the 26th. So I'll most likely be here for awhile!!! 37 weeks today and I really need a couple more weeks to finish my to-do list. I'm still waiting for our carseat to come in the mail, need to start washing and organizing baby clothes/blankets, need to get nursing bras, and need to finish unpacking the last of our boxes from our move to Italy. Plus, my best friend is flying here for the birth to be my doula and she won't be here till the 14th. So I (really) don't want this baby to arrive early!
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Due 10-26 here and it seems far away at the moment. I had one at 37 and one at 40 on the dot, so no clue when this wee one will arrive. I will admit that 38 sounds nicer and nicer.
I feel pretty crappy right now but am currently trying to talk myself out of that.
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I'm due on the 29th and an ultrasound dated me due Nov. 3rd. So who knows! Lol. Although, I don't think I'll make it to the 29th. I do hope I at least finish my Hypnobabies home course. I'm doing the fast track, so I'll finish end of the week of the 11th. Hubby is leaving with his command end of next month so I really hope I don't go all the way till due date. I have like a week of October that is the "perfect" time to have this little one, but when do they are come when its the "right" time! Hahaha. I still have a few more supplies to buy but other than that, I'm just about good to go. The house could use just a couple more days of catching up, but I'm almost there. I'm not so stressed out about it now. I've got my fall decorations out (which isn't much) and need to get a few more fall scented candles. Needing payday to arrive soon. We're running out of food. Lol.
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I'm due either 10/28 or 11/2, depending on if we want to believe when we actually conceived or based on the first ultrasound. I'm sure I'll be the last or one of the last to give birth here.

We still have a lot to do, but I can see the finish line now. Our birth tub will be delivered next week. We are putting the finishing touches on decorating the nursery and then I think we'll be good to go.

I love reading about all the October babies coming! It's inspiring and makes me realize that our babies will also be coming...sometime.
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Im due somewhere between the 25th (according to short cycle/date of SI) and 27th (according to scan), so I generally split the difference and go with the 26th. My first baby was 9 days late, so if I have a November baby, I won't be shocked. But I REALLY want an October baby... just the thought of going into November makes me feel tired and impatient.

I'm planning a home birth and have nothing ready, so I have to get on that. Started having more intense and numerous bh yesterday.
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hi i never really post-but i am due oct 30th with #2 planning our 2nd homebirth! very excited/impatient to meet this lil one!
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I'm due the 20th, which I guess is MID-October, but I'll probably go 'til the end of October, if DS1 was any indication of my offsprings' desire to exit the womb .
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Hi All Late October/ Early November mamas

I am due 10/31 and I don't really expect that he'll come any sooner than that although I would love to see him that last week of October. My sons birthday is on Christmas Eve and the more time in between the two birthdays is good.

He has definitely dropped lower today and I have said it all along but I just can't wear pants now, thank god I was laid off a few months back, because it kills me to have to put on pants to go to the store.

I am getting back into new mommy mode and taking every opportunity I have to sleep, which means I am behind on my side job but thats ok.

Also we are in the middle of trying to short sell our house, have submitted an offer and we are waiting on the bank to respond. Well we submitted the offer in June and we where told it takes 30-90 days so thought for sure we would be out of the house before the baby came. Now that it's been 90 days we don't know when this is all going to happen and how I have to try to plan out where to move around the toys and furniture to make room for baby in our already packed nursery and trying to fit two cribs in there. Where to put the baby swing/bouncer and all the other goodies we are going to now pull out for the baby. Find all the new baby clothes and pull them out and put them in the dresser.

Its like a whole new list I have to do. I also just made a list for my hubby to do before the baby comes but we'll see how that goes. Lets just hope this little one doesn't come early.
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I'm due 10/23. Still have lots to do - wash the clothes/blankets/towels/car seat cover, pack my bag for the birth center, etc. Have the bassinette in my room, but need sheets. Would like to cook and freeze some meals...etc., etc. I'm still feeling mostly good and trying to keep distracted instead of focusing on the countdown... It works most of the time!
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I'm due either the 22nd or the 25th depending what you go by... but my c/s is scheduled for the 15th. I do NOT want to be having a c/s but I know it is what we have to do and I am pretty relieved to have an end in sight...
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I'm due the beginning of november but i'm pretty sure I will have a late October babe
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We're due October 26th, but with the baby dreams I've been having recently, I might be going early. I had a dream that i had him Sept 29th, and my mom dreamt I had him after only being in labor for 45 minutes. I'm hoping to hold out for at least another couple weeks to let him grow a little more. Besides, we still haven't agreed on a name yet, and we have a ton of stuff to do around the house... I do think he'll be early, but by that I mean maybe about a week or so.
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