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Hello everyone, my name is Tasha, and I am joining this DDC a little late. I recently found this DDC, and I feel like it follows more of my views with how I want to parent. I am expecting my first January 8th, and the baby is a girl. I currently live in Germany, and I am moving to Texas a month before the baby is due, so I am definitely feeling stressed.

Anyway, that is a little bit about me, I hope to get to know you ladies a little better
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Hi Tasha and welcome to the group, we're glad to have you!!! Congrats on the baby girl We look forward to getting to know you as well!
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Welcome to the group! Congrats on your little one that is due. What are you moving to Texas for, job? Hope u r feeling well.
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Welcome! I moved when I was pregnant with my first. Definitely NOT as far as you are moving though.
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