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Titre Checks - puppy vaxing

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So we pick up our puppy Sunday, and I'm still a bit on the fence about vaxing. I stopped vaxing my kids years ago and am very comfortable about the decision. I'm not as well educated in canine immunology as I am in the human department though! (Working on it.)

Though of you who get your dogs titres checked: at what point did you begin? As in: did you finish the puppy series at 16 weeks, and then begin checking titres every three years?

Sorry if these are ignorant questions. I'm finding a lot of different info, obviously.

Also: will boarding facilities accept proof of immunity by titre rather than by vaccine?

Thank you.
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I do not vaccinate my children at all but I am going to be vaccinating my puppy. In my area at least you HAVE to vaccinate for rabies but I looked into and also decided to vaccinate for distemper and parvovirus. Parvovirus can kill a pup, even with medical care. It is just not worth the risk IMO.
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Check out the AAHA recommendations on vaccines (pdf). Unfortunately parvo and distemper, and to a lesser extent depending on area, rabies, are all still very common in the pet dog population, so not vaccinating is VERY risky.

I use the AAHA protocols with my pups and titer at 1 year. My holistic vet has been a great resource for all my questions. She has noticed that many year old dogs are showing low titers for distemper so she does often booster at a year, but after that goes to every 3 years for both distemper/parvo and rabies.

There is some indication that distemper/parvo vaccines have a longer duration of immunity, so we have considered going to every 5-7 years for that vaccine, but rabies vaccines are mandated every 3 years by law still.

I do space vaccines out as well and try to avoid the 5 and 7-way combo vaccines and non-core vaccines. Our vet recommends rabies being separated by no less than 2 weeks from any other vaccines. Our distemper/parvo vaccine is a 4-way: DHPP/DA2PP

ETA: some boarding kennels and classes will accept titers, some will not. When I taught group classes we'd accept titers for adults but needed to see at least one parvo/distemper vaccine for puppies at least 2 weeks prior to class and given by a vet before allowing the pup into the building.
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Thanks for the help, ladies. I appreciate the info!
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