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Book recommendations and lettuce growing

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I'm really getting excited about gardening, but I admit I know so little! Last night, I was watching diy on cable at like 2am as I was painting my living room and they were talking about growing your own salad garden. The lettuce variety was spectacular and looked so yummy! We eat salads at least once a day, so this would be more than fun, it would be cost saving for us! But, they cautioned that lettuces don't like hot weather and said to plant them for spring and fall. They said count back 90 days from your first freeze. I'm in SC, first freeze isn't until like December, so do I plant lettuce in September?

I think I need a good book to reference, are there any suggestions floating around out there?

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Dont have any book reccomendations off the top of my noggin BUT yes Sept planting sounds about right for lettuces. Perhaps a lil later in the season depending. We are in S Ga and the weather is still scorchin in Sept.

That is also the time to plant spinach, poppies and a few other plants.
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lettuce planting

Lettuce will also tolerate some frost so you may have lettuce longer than Dec. there. You can plant it as early in the spring as you can get out and work the ground even if there is a chance of frost. It will also come up when the ground is still cold. Lettuce does not come up very well when the ground is hot. From my experience.

Lettuce will sometimes even do okay in the summer in a shaded flower bed on the North side of the house or something.

We like Butter Crunch and Simpson varieties. They are both old stand-by's.

Good Luck!
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Books. I like "The Backyard Vegetable Factory -- Super Yields From Small Spaces" (Duane Newcomb) for easy general info. Another great book is "The Gardener's Table -- A Guide to Natural Vegetable Growing and Cooking" (Richard Merrill and Joe Ortiz). This one is especially good because one guy is a horticulturist who likes to cook, and the other is a cook who likes to garden. They both really love to eat. So the book has great ideas about what to grow, how to grow it, how to use it, etc.
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There's this really cool book that would probably work for you there, although the guy's in vermont I think.....I forget the name. oops......

OK, google'd it.....

It's called the Vegetable Gardener's Bible . Check it out, it's really easy to follow with good pictures, and is about Organic Gardening. I also like "Carrots love Tomatoes" which is about companion planting.
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