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Emergency/First Aid Kit for car?

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Do you all have one? (I don't.)

What should go in an emergency/first aid kit for the car? Obviously the primary resource is the cell phone and 9-1-1, but beyond that, what would be useful? (our family = Mom, Dad, toddler)

So far all i have on the list is:
a blanket
extra diapers & wipes
liquid benedryl (in case of severe allergic reaction)

We always have sunscreen. What else?
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In a cold climate (northern NYS) we had

- kitty litter & two boards (for tires when stuck)
- empty bottles or cups (full water bottles in summer or warm climate)
- chemical hand/foot warmers
- flares
- can of fix a flat (in addition to jack & 4square)
- box of granola bars
- jumper cables
- motor oil
- extra gloves, hats & blankets
- flashlights + batteries

Now that kids are in the picture, the benadryl + bandaids sound good too.
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In each car we have:
-a full first-aid kit
-extra good footwear for everyone (I'm so often in inappropriate footwear if I had to walk it would be bad)
-jack, tire iron & spare tire
-reflective vest
-extra clothing (in winter) including mitts, hats & jackets
-jumper cables
-shovel (in winter)

dh is currently working on emergency kit backpacks that will include food & water, maps, compasses, medications, etc. that we could live off of for a couple days if necessary. One would go in each car.
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We have a pre-bought kit. It has a full first aid kit, jumper cables, flares, candles, those tin foil blanket things and a bunch of other stuff.

Food and water is a good idea, but not sure how well it would work if it was frozen solid when you need it. (We are in Canada, so COLD.)
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Originally Posted by just_lily View Post
Food and water is a good idea, but not sure how well it would work if it was frozen solid when you need it. (We are in Canada, so COLD.)
Funny. I'm in central Texas, so I was thinking that bandaids would melt....
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I would include the supplies needed to clean up vomit or diarrhea. Gross, I know, but so much MORE gross if you haven't got what you need to clean up. So towels, paper towels, extra plastic bags, changes of clothing, some kind of cleaning fluid, and maybe something to freshen the air. It's happened to us too many times, and I'm always kicking myself for not replacing the supplies I've used up. A little plastic basin is nice, too, or a bucket, as kids get older and can warn you that they may be needing to throw up.

A little travel potty is nice, too, if you have kids who are potty-training age.
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Not so much for car-emergencies, more for child emergencies I'm thinking...

Change of clothing (just something to get home in, like sweatpants & tshirt)
A few diapers
Extra pack of babywipes
Paper towels
Instant-ice packs (with the gel that can be activated)
Tylenol, Benadryl, Gravol, etc.
Emergency snacks like nuts, dried fruit, water
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I'm still working on mine, but what I have in it now:

12V air compressor with flashing light
spare tire, jack, etc
jumper cables
tube of wet wipes
package of windex wipes
basic first aid kit (bandaids, alcohol wipes, benadryl, asprin, tweezers, cloth bandages)
motor oil
dry gas
travel potty

I'm planning to add:
change of clothes for each child
change of shirts for myself
diapers/wipes for the babies
spare shoes for DD
some of those foil blanket thingies
spare gloves/mittens and hats for everyone
emergency snacks

And after reading this thread:
paper towels
plastic bags
a shovel
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In my car First Aid kit I have

- large garbage bags (multi-purpose but mainly for rain protection in the tropics)
- torch
- pads for applying pressure to a bleeding wound (sanitary pads are good for this also)
- elastic bandages for snake bite
- triangular bandage for sling/foreign body stabilisation
- little elastic bandages for holding dressings in place
- bandaids
- a bottle of saline for flushing eyes
- scissors/safety pins/splinter picks
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I'm in texas too... We just have the stuff to change a flat, and jumper cables. It doesn't get cold here, and we don't do a lot of long distance rural driving. My mom used to carry an empty gas can as well.
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This thread is very helpful! I'm making my list right now.
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