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Can I cry a little more please??

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Is anyone else getting REAL emotional? This is so seriously annoying, I feel like I am crying or on the verge of crying about everything! I am almost 38 weeks but I am already secretly hoping the baby will come sooner rather than later. I feel so annoyed with myself because I still have 2 weeks before I am even "due". Of course I want the baby to be big and healthy and ready for the world but I just want my dates to be off or something. I will admit I am jealous of everyone who has had their babies. I am so happy for them but wishing I was one of them too . I assume I will go over with this baby because my first was 10 days late. I am trying really hard to not think about it and keep myself busy but I feel consumed. I just want to meet my baby! Thanks for listening to me complain. Anyone else in the same boat?
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Boy, do I empathize! I'm super emo, too. And 38 weeks and so sick of being pregnant and jealous of all the mamas holding their babes! My first three were all 7-11 days over due, so knowing I've probably got another 3 weeks seriously makes me cry
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yes I am so so emotional! I have melt downs like 3-4 times a day the rest of the day I am fine. but during my meltdown everything seems helpless! I am 39 w 3 d though so I really dont have to much time left. but I am really not liking the emotions.
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I had to have a pep talk with myself yesterday. Dh went back to work (he'd been off on medical leave) and I once again had to run carpool, grocery shop, etc. I've been such an grumpy, emotional mess, I knew I wouldn't make it without a serious attitude adjustment.

More than crying, everyone is bugging me. Like my family calling to see "how I'm feeling" - which is really code for "are you in labor yet" and makes me feel like a watched zoo animal. My Mom even had the nerve to tell me she was ready for our baby to get here already - uh, yeah, ME TOO.

I'm not due until Oct 19th - it could be several more weeks. So I'm right with you. Instead of crying, I'm pissy. But like I said, I gave myself an attitude overhaul yesterday and it does seem to have helped.

We are almost there Mamas, almost there.
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I was super emotional during week 37 too! It was just ridiculous! It seems that week 38 has been much better for some reason. Hopefully it will get better for you the further you go too.
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I am definitely emotional too. I'm a teacher and some of the readings we do in class (articles, poems, etc.) turn me into a soppy mess in front of my grade 11 students. So embarassing. Also, having to tell students that if they are cold sitting next to the open window, too bad. They will just have to move seats because I am BOILING. Nice.

I am 36 weeks and I CAN'T BELIEVE I have another month to go. Maybe more because my first was 9 days late. At least I finish working on the 14th.
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mistymama-an attitude adjustment is totally what I need! I think it is hard right now cause things are so close but still so far away. I just got off the phone with my mom and told her how I was feeling and she reminded me that it is a lot harder getting 2 kids ready to go, getting them in and out of the car, running them around to appointments, going to the store, SLEEPING. It made me feel a little better. Sort of like yeah you're right I need to be enjoying these last few weeks of having a semi organized easy life because things are about to get real crazy. Crazy in a good way but I bet once the baby is here I will be wishing I had one more full nights sleep (well you know, one more 9 month pregnant full nights sleep ) or one more day alone with my daughter to give her all of the attention. I think I am going to make a play list for labor and hope that turns my mood around even more. I wish we weren't all feeling like this but I sure am glad I am not the only one!!
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I am so glad I'm not the only one! I feel so bad that I'm jealous of the mama's that have had their baby already, but I am so done. Poor DH has no idea what to do with me either. I alternate between I love everything! and I hate the world, I'm going to be pregnant until Christmas and everything sucks! I can go between the two in less time that it takes to blink. It's ridiculous.
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I could have written your post! I have been a basket case and totally consumed by pregnancy. Any little twinge or cramp I feel makes me think "this is it!" and then I spend the day obsessing and feeling bad when labor doesn't start. Plus I cry at the drop of a hat, even at the grocery store (ugh!)

to you mama. We will have our babies soon enough and eventually we will turn normal again.
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Ugh! I am right with you on the every twinge and cramp. 2 nights ago I was sure my water was going to break. I just knew that was going to be the night. Um yeah.... I have been having lots of thick mucousy stuff when I go to the bathroom so every time I wipe I am thinking please be bloody, please be tons, please have a contraction and then 50 more hhahaha. I was just thinking how in the first tri I was obsessed with clean colorless toilet paper when I went to the bathroom, now I am obsessed with seeing ANYTHING that might mean labor could start soon. It's probably better not to see anything though because then I would be obsessing and even more annoyed when nothing happens.
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Hey Mamas - hang in there! I can totally understand the feeling of just wanting to have your baby NOW (those last few weeks of pregnancy can be so trying), but it's really the best thing for your little one to bake as long as s/he needs to.

I had baby Dylan last week, he was 3 weeks earlier than his due date; just full-term. He's doing great, but we've definitely had some challenges with his being a little on the early side: his breastfeeding is picking up, but 'early full-term' babies do struggle a little more with latching. Breastfeeding Dylan is amazing, but hard work! He also has a little jaundice - again, from being a bit on the early side (along with my labor having to be induced with Pitocin due to contractions not starting after my waters broke). Again, a manageable situation, but best avoided if possible (jaundice makes babies sleepy, adding to the breastfeeding challenge - it's hard to keep the little guy awake at the breast!).

Anyway, just wanted to lend some encouragement and reassure you that your time WILL come, even though it feels like it's a billion years away. I felt like you all last week, too - and then my waters suddenly broke!
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Oh I know Miso - I've had a 34 weeker. Establishing breastfeeding was so hard .. from the first day I got pregnant all I've said is how much I want a full term baby without the issues we struggled with ds.

I'm thinking of you and baby Dylan - in a few weeks he'll be alert, awake and feeding like a champ. But boy, what a challenge to get there sometimes.
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Is anyone else on their second kid and past when they delivered with their first? With DD i delivered at 37w, 1d and she was perfectly fine. So I had this mindset that my body just grew babies really fast and the second one would be just as early. Well, here I am a day shy of 39w and convinced I'm going to go to Christmas. It's ridiculous that I already feel 2 weeks overdue when I'm not even to my due date yet.
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Oh boy do I fit right in here!
I keep telling everyone, including myself, that no, I'm not ready! I have things to do, and already have two handfuls (I mean kids!) and how will I ever handle three! But the truth is, how will I ever handle going past my edd AGAIN...ughhhh. It is sooooo hard emotionally. I'm only 38.2 so I'm not even AT my dd, but seeing all these other babies being born, I can't help but wish I'd just get that nice suprise of having an early (but term!) baby! The emotionally difficulty is already setting in. Blah.
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I was crying this morning because I was just so uncomfortable-- you are not alone. I am barely 36 weeks, so certainly don't want the baby to be born now, but ugh. And everything makes me very emotional. But hey, I will be like this for at least a few weeks after the birth, anyway, might as well get used to it. ;-)
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Yep, I'm due Oct. 14th with a scheduled 4th c-section. Because of a partial placental abruption I had #3 at 35w5 days. So of course I feel wayyyyyyyyyy overdue already.

Then again, I had a take home 5 lb. 11 oz. baby who seemed like a micropreemie to me, so I'm hoping for a normal 10 lber this time.
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