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Who does Motivated Moms and has found success?

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I just downloaded the information for this. I'm hoping this will help me get organized, but I feel like I'm doing bits and pieces of things and I'm not sure if I'll like that. For example one day I clean my toilet and another I wipe the mirror in the bathroom. I'm wondering how my house will ever feel clean?? Do you like this system? I guess I'm just looking for success stories.
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Here is a link to a thread that we have on it:


I love Motivated Moms! The key is that you do each thing often enough that it is relatively clean all the time. Plus, it breaks tasks down to more manageable components that don't feel overwhelming. For instance, I may feel overwhelmed at the idea of cleaning my entire refrigerator at once. If I know that I can just clean one shelf, I'm no longer overwhelmed and more apt to do it. It's the same with the bathroom. If I know that I can clean just the toilet or just the mirror, I don't mind doing it. Plus, I like to check things off a list, FEEL done and move on to things I enjoy doing (free of guilt, as all my chores have been done).

It may seem like the idea of doing small parts at a time of larger chores won't work, but they build on each other. My husband has been very impressed with this system and the way our home looks.

Come on over to the other thread...
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If doing bits and pieces doesn't appeal to you at all, then it may not work for you, but I have to admit that is exactly what appeals to me about it.

I used to do too much at a time, and end up so exhausted that I would crash and burn, and thus put off cleaning for too long in between, dreading having to do it all again.

This way I am doing manageable 'bites', not getting back strain in the process, and our house is looking much cleaner and tidier than it was before.
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me me me

The best thing about it????? if you fall off the wagon you can just go to today's list and start again, no need to backtrack.
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Hm. I might look into this one.

For me, I definitely prefer to do something all at once. Take the big job, spend an hour or a day and do it ALL.

But, realistically, that doesn't happen very often... because I don't HAVE that hour or that day, so I don't do ANYTHING. I'd rather wait until I have time to do it properly, rather than not do it at all.

I recognize that this is not a great thing though... heh... It is my natural inclination, but it is not sustainable and leads to clutter and mess. Perhaps something like this will spur me to do the little things a bit at a time like I know I should...
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Well, maybe I might end of liking this. My problem too is feeling like oh well, if I can't do it all (like clean the entire bathroom or something), I won't do it at all!! So 2 weeks will go by and I'll be living with a gross bathroom and I fret over it every day!
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I just purchased about a month ago & even my husband has noticed how much cleaner our home has become. I adore this system. I, too, am a perfectionist at times & want to get it done "the right way". That NEVER happens, so I put it off. The MM gives me manageable chunks to get it done.

I will purchase again for next year.
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