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Please add me :)

Hiya all,

Got me BFP on Thursday after trying for 5 months.
Got the doctors this evening
Early days and I've got a few problems so wish me luck

I'm a first timer and I think I've worked out it'll be Mid June. (see what the doc says later )

Bit odd as me little sis is also pregnant - well either that or she's smuggeling a beach ball up her jumper. Due in January

No idea I'd be this T I R E D! wow!
I've given up work this week to become what we thought would be a housewife and now looks like I'll be a stay at home mum
couldnt have done that commute any more LOL

There's twins in the family - so who knows whats in store LOL

Anyways thats me - Hello

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Okay, guess I have to officially join now since I've been responding to threads for a few days.

You can just call me by my screen name, msmiranda.

I found out I was pregnant five days ago -- it was a big surprise because I thought I was about to get my period at the time I must have been about to ovulate. Shows how much I know about what's going on in there, lol. I didn't get my period and didn't get my period and assumed I'd had an anovulatory cycle, but then I started feeling really tired and thirsty and peeing more often, so I decided to test to rule it out. HA! So, here I am, tired and sick.

I'll know with more certainty after an ultrasound, but best I can determine my due date is June 10-12 or so, so you can put me down as mid-June (though I have shorter than average gestations so I'm more likely to give birth in early June).

I'm still worried about viability because that's my nature, but I'm feeling really sick so I consider that a good sign.

We are planning a second home birth.

Um, I guess that's it. Hope I will be sticking around for the duration!
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Hello! I'm Alicia, due first week in June and this is #1 for us. And I still can't believe it, still feels surreal and not really happening
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Hello, mamas!

My name is Amber and I am currently pregnant with baby #3! I am due June 10, 2011 and can't wait!!
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Hi! My name is Andrea and this is baby #3. I'm due June 18th (although I know I will go over because mine like to cook as long as possible!). I'm excited to be here!

I'm planning a homebirth this time around as last time I did a birthing center. It was great, but I almost didn't make it. I am still nursing my 2 1/2 year old and cloth diapered her. I love babywearing, too, and am an almost completely organic vegetarian. We have literally only been in California for four weeks now and I was so shocked about this considering the insane past six weeks we've had. It will be great, though! I haven't told my kids yet, but I know my eldest will be ecstatic. She has been requesting a baby girl for a very long time.
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Originally Posted by ambisaurusrex View Post
Hello, mamas!

My name is Amber and I am currently pregnant with baby #3! I am due June 10, 2011 and can't wait!!
awesome user name!
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Hi everyone!! Just signed up today
I am [finally] pregnant with our 3rd child Overflowed with joy and happiness!!

I dont believe in due dates so all I'll say is im due in early June

I have two boys (3 and 4) and Im really hoping for a girl this time.... ALL of my symptoms i didnt experience with my boys so that makes me hopeful, although I do know people who have had completely different symptoms that didnt turn out that way :P hahaha

I would LOVE a homebirth but the husband has this "gross" factor he cant get over so we are doing a birthing center.

I cannot WAIT to have a natural empowering birth, breastfeed, wear my baby, raise my baby and enjoy what could be possibly my last child (unless I can convince the husband otherwise.. hehehe )

Looking forward to growing with you ladies for the next 9 months!! YAY
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Hi everyone,

I'm here, too! I *think* my due date is around June 12th...maybe a bit before.

I have two sweet little boys (7 and 2) and now this pleasant little surprise. We live in Switzerland, although I'm originally from California. Not the best timing, as we are going to be posted abroad next summer...not long after the birth! I am the most nesty, protective mama ever so that will likely be a massive challenge for me. Other than that, I'm over the moon. haha

Anyway, nice to be here.
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My name is Alicia and I am due June 25th.

I have one DS that is 5 and my DH and I have been married ro 8 years. I am a postmaster and my husband works for TXU energy. I have no fallopian tubes so we had science help us out a little and conceived with IVF on the first try!
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UPDATE I had a ultrasound today with a due date of June 5th.
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new due date is June 3rd

I saw my family dr today for the first time, and she has my due date as June 3rd (I had thought it would be June 4th from the calculators I used online).
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I'm Jess. Was surprised to find out that I'm due with #4 June 5th! This will unfortunately be my 4th c-section so I'll actually deliver end of May. Looking forward to meeting our new little one.
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Hi I'm pregnant!! I'm so happy because we had been trying for a few months.

This will be my third and last. Three is all I can handle. I'm hoping its a girl as I already have two boys. My due date is around June 10, however since I was a week later for both of my two previous pregancy. I'm thinking I will be late again.

My two previous pregnancy have be c-sections, so I'm hoping this time I can have a natural childbirth. I'm new here on mothering so I'm still learning all the abrreviations lol
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I dunno why I haven't responded to this thread yet -- I started the 'June Ladies in Waiting' thread in May 2011.

Hub and I have been together for 13 years, we have a 5YO DD. We've been trying to get pregnant for over 2 years so this is a huge blessing to us, of course.

Planning our second home birth!

I'm 'due' around May 30th but last time I was 2+weeks overdue and the last person in my DDC to have my baby so I'm sticking firmly in June lol
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I'm finally getting over the shock and decided to check in!

I'm due late may/early june with #3. I thought I was done, but the universe had other plans!! I'm a SAHM to two DS, aged 4 and 17 1/2 months old. This will be our second homebirth. Looking forward to "talking" with everyone.
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Thread Starter 
Updated to here.
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Just got my BFP yesterday!!!

We are both 37 and both full-time students. We also both work part-time. We just got engaged a week before we conceived. We were sort of trying before, but not charting or anything at all until this month. My sister suggested we try OPKs, which I did this month for the first time and... BINGO!

Our first u/s is Nov. 2 and I'm SO EXCITED. I just hope this sticks, because I'm hearing so many scary stories about m/c here and everywhere else, although there is no family or personal history of it. This is my first pregnancy and I'm sort of freaking out. I've wanted to be a Mommy for a long time, so I'm really thrilled to be here, but despite how much I've read and heard, I have no idea what I'm doing. LOL

My due date is June 22. I've gone by a lot of nicknames in the past and Mommel is one of them, but you ladies can call me Raqui.
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Hello mamas!

It is a pleasure to be here with all the June 2011 mamas!!!

I am due with my third in mid-June. And after two miscarriages this past year, we are hoping and praying this baby will stick and be healthy and full term!!!

I have two beautiful children already a girl who is 4 (6.5 weeks preterm) and a little boy who is 2 (full term "barely"), they are both thrilled as we are to have a baby!!!

So far it is really early but this pregnancy has been wonderful, I am not really tired, not much if not any sickness but my breast are sooo tender ( I am still nursing ds and it kills at times!).

We are hoping to do our first homebirth and have a wonderful midwife!! So we'll see

So excited to travel this journey with all you ladies
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hello everyone
I am Vanessa, due June 18th with #3. My two boys are 5 and 2 and we live in north west Canada.
Looking forward to getting to know everyone
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Hi! My name is Allison and I am due on June 23rd!
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