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Finally willing to test the waters a little -


I'm Nonny, and I'm due, with twins, on 6/2.  Since I'm likely to deliver early, I probably will post in both the May & June DDCs, but so far, I've mostly been lurking.  These babies will be my first (and second!), and seem to be healthy and thriving.  After years of dealing with TTC, infertility, and loss, it's pretty tough to believe that it's really happening.  The nausea and tighter pants are pretty convincing, though.


Anyway, I'm lousy at intros, but I'm happy to be here, and hello!

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WELCOME!  And sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for this season!  We too went through infertility treatments 8 years ago (unexplained secondary) but our didn't work so we gave up and adopted 5.5 years ago.  And now here I am unexpectedly pregnant.

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Hello all!


I'm Beth, 27 year old country girl trapped in NYC with my husband of 2 years, K-dubs.  We are presently 9 1/2 weeks along with our first child, EDD June 20th.


I'm excited/scared/excited/scared/queezy/excited/zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Congrats to all of you!

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Hello.  I'm Savannah.  I'm due with #5 on June 1.  My other kids are: son 12, boy/girl twins 6, son 2.

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Hi, I'm Clare. On the couch for now, waiting for the end of morning sickness. When I am off the couch, I feel much better and enjoy being with my 5 year old dd and my husband of 10 years and doing my latest love, trapeze, and sunsets, long walks...

I tried to conceive for a while with my first. Attended a birth and a week later I was pregnant. When dd was 3, we were both present at a dear friend's birth, and not wanting another, I was careful. When she had her 2nd, in September, a beautiful waterbirth attended by a midwife, her husband, and me, I threw caution to the wind that cycle, and here I am. So, apparently, that is the magic for me.

I think I'm due June 24th, by my watch, anyway.

I personally think I had a glorious birth with dd, but many people cringe to hear about it. I was in labor 64 hours (active labor for 20) and separated my pubic bone when I pushed her out (both hands over her head). I couldn't walk for almost 2 months. To me, as exhausting as it was, the slow labor allowed me lots of breathing time in between contractions and I felt I really got to experience it. The pain of the separated pubic bone was agony, but having this joyful bundle brought my focus else where and she and I spent 2 months laying in bed together, which I recommend!

I am not sure where I will birth this new being, dd was wonderfully born at a great birth center, but it has undergone some changes. I would love to birth at home, but not wanting to do it unassisted, I am not sure I can bear the expense.

O.k. Now to nap.

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      I was here way too early and now coming to the party late.  My name's Allison, I'm 33 and expecting my first child on June 22nd.  It's all very exciting, overwhelming, and strangely normal.  My husband and I got married in May after 6 or so years together, and we're both very excited about this new adventure unfolding in our lives. 


Also, if you happen to be in the Albany NY/Columbia County area I'd be mighty glad to know you. 

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Hello everyone! 


I'm Nikie, I've been married for 3 years, and I'm pregnant with our first. I'm due 6/21, just in time for our 4th anniversary.  I'm kinda late to the party because I didn't want to jinx anything... but I'm 10 weeks today, and things have been going swimmingly.  I haven't had any morning sickness (which, perverse as it might sound, actually worried me a bit), just tired all the time and GIANT boobs that I don't know what to do with.  My dh and I are terrified and thrilled to have gotten ourselves into this. 

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I'd like to introduce myself since I have been lurking here lately.  My EDD is July 1, and I have joined the July board, but sometimes it is nice to hear from people a little bit ahead of me on this exciting journey!  My first doctor's appt is tomorrow.  I am nervous and excited!  Things seem to be going well as far as I can tell!

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Guess I should stop lurking....

I'm 28, and this will be my first.  We're both pretty excited, but still haven't told our families (we're waiting to have a real visit with the midwife next week!).  We're hoping to go home birth, but it depends a little on the insurance question.

Hmmm, what else...I've calculated by due date to be about 6/15, but I was born 2 weeks late and my siblings were late too, so who knows!  We decided to start trying when we did because I'm in my last year of nursing school and will graduate in May, then stay home with the little person a few months and then go to work.

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I must confess that I too am a lurker. I'm 36 and expecting my first on 6/29 (10 weeks yesterday). I've had two miscarriages this year so I've been very cautious with my emotions but I take solace in the fact that my morning sickness (which is actually all day nausea) is in full force and everything went well at our last ultrasound. Oh yeah married to my DH for three years but been together fifteen and enjoying living on a mountain with our dogs.

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I'm Kara, 32 years old, due June 27 with my very first!  Matt and I are getting married in ten days (it's a secret!  We would elope, but we are 3: he has a five year old daughter...).  Lots and lots going on, and I'm relieved that you all understand that.  Also grateful for intelligent feedback while I make some big decisions.  Looking forward to spending the next 7 months in good company!



Ps- Can anyone tell me how to create one of those adorable signature lines- I love them!  Thanks!

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Wow! This is a HUGE DDC!!!  How exciting!


I am Tracy, pregnant with #3 and due June 26th.  My first was a c-section, my 2nd was a HBAC and I am hoping for another homebirth with this one.  My husband and I have been married for 5 years (and are on #3 - we don't waste any time smile.gif).  I am a RN but currently unemployed and enjoying being a SAHM.  I was just about to start looking for a job when the surprise of this pregnancy came, so I am just going to put that on the back-burner for the next oh, I'd say, 5 years or so!


I look forward to sharing this pregnancy with all the June mamas!

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Hi Mamas, congratulations!!


My love and I are pregnant with our first sweet pea, due in early June. I've worked in birth for years, first as a doula and homebirth assistant and for the past three years as a nurse. I have helped babies be born in NYC, Guatemala, California and the Navajo Indian Reservation but being pregnant myself is a totally new experience! I am smitten already and I empathize so much more with all the mamas that I care for. It's beautiful to be on the other side of it. And nice to have community too :)


We are planning a homebirth, here in AZ or in San Diego if we end up moving. Just had our first prenatal visit last week and heard the little heartbeat! We both think it's a girl, have had several girl dreams but who knows.

So nice to meet everyone!

: ) K

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i've just this week been broadcasting our news, so it must be time to pipe up here as well.  my husband and i met in 1995 and were together for most of the years since, but only married in 07. our son is 2.5 years old and we are expecting in mid/late june. my son was an unplanned c-section and i'm planning for a HBAC this time around - not quite looking forward to defending my decision to the more conventional-birth-outlook people in our lives but i am trying to come up with a good way to shut down naysayers :)

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Hello everyone!  We're expecting this baby late May, early June.  This will be # 3 for us and our first homebirth!!  

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Hi all,


After 1.5 year of TTC and one first trimester loss we are happily expecting baby #2 in late June/early July.  I'm showing up here late to the game because I've been hanging out in the July DDC, but after the first ultrasound last week my midwife thinks I'm two weeks farther along than I do!  We'll let our baby decide the actual due date, so I'll probably lurk in both DDC's.


I'm a 27 year-old, full-time engineer with a marvelous stay-at-home-dad husband and one chatterbox of a toddler.  We were high-school sweethearts (how cheesy is that?) and have been together 11 years and married for 8.  I had a successful drug-free birth with #1 and am hoping for the same this time around.  However, this time I plan on getting a doula and doing the Hypnobabies Home Study Course, because birth was a little too overwhelming for me last time.

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Also late to the party, but due mid-June. Baby #3 for me though 6th overall, and pregnancy #5. Long story short--mine, mine, surro-daughter, surro-twins, and now my new babe.

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Hi everyone,


I'm new to MDC and new to pregnancy. This is my first baby and I'm currently 13 weeks along. I am due June 20th 2011. :)

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*pops in* Due late june, so might be a july one, considering I went two weeks over with my first. Been a bit cautious about indulging in this pregnancy after an early misscariage this summer. But I should be reasonably safe now I figure. Plus, I got to have an early ultrasound to calm my worries a bit. The impling is indeed very alive and kicking.

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Hi everyone! I'm another newbie to MDC and pregnancy. I am due June 22 with my first, and I am currently 14 weeks along. Thanks for having me!

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